Tokyo Ghoul:Re Episode 3 – What is even happening?

“ Guess whose back, back again, Shady back, tell a friend..”

The ghoul trash is back. Does everyone remember the memes with him being trash? I don’t necessary remember why? I just remembered. He wanted to eat Kankei because he tasted good, I believe.

Okay, y’all. I’m not watching Tokyo Ghoul Season One again, but at the same time, I don’t remember anything. And I also read a few volumes of the manga, but only up until halfway through season 1, so I still don’t know sh*t.  That’s all I want to say, but I’m trying to read the manga as we speak. As we speak? I’m not even speaking( starts noxious laughter)

That guy( Master Zhu, as he’s called) sniffed the underwear!! WTF? He was like “ I can’t smell anything, get this sh*t out of here” Of course he can’t smell anything, it’s a totally different person. Technically, Haise is a different person but the same person like Moka from Roasrio and Vampire.

“The underwear had nice design though”.

We have to be women.

Then they have to go find the Nutcracker in the club and they were getting crazy. That bad dancing though. They were having a great time, even though they were working.

Some ghouls notice that Haise is cross-dressing and they want him to get this memories back. We all sh*t about to go down if he gets his memories. Everyone is going to die, to be honest. Kankei will release his vengeance on everyone because they locked him in this alternate personality.

What will he honestly do if he gets his Kankei memories and keeps his new ones. That would suck a lot to be honest. He made a bond with CCG members, but also has a memory of being hunted down by them and seeing them kill people he loved. That will be a giant L.

Then, in general, I feel bad for the CCG members. Most them have a person they cared about killed by a ghoul, and that’s why they fight. Otherwise, there will be no reason to do it because this is a dangerous job and people die every day. It’s more dangerous than the police, FBI, or CIA( For some reason, I thought about Hannibal Lecter, of course, he’s a cannibal) But anyways, they have it pretty rough. But at the same time I don’t want the ghouls to die. Because they want to live to. But also some ghouls are bad like humans, and eat people for fun, sell people in auctions, and like to kill people in general because they are bloodthirsty. But the CCG treats all ghouls like they are bad… is this a social commentary? Maybe I thought way to far into that. Especially in the first season, when the mom of that little girl died( don’t remember names). They killed her only because she was a ghoul. At least the CCG is focusing on ghouls that actually kill people now because I was real mad.

I also watched the Toyko Ghoul Movie and that scene was in it and I almost cried. That made me hate the CCG. Thank god Mado the elder is dead because he was bloodthirsty AF. But at the same time, killing all the ghouls doesn’t make the pain of your loved ones being dead go away. I feel like everyone understands that, but everyone continues. Welp.

I also thought the photographer was the daughter of woman who died in the first season. Well, I thought. Maybe she is and she didn’t tell that guy. Or maybe she is an entirely different character and I’m getting confused.

I kinda love to hate Urie to be honest. Let be honest right now: he’s a d**k and he needs to stop wanting to be better than people. He also needs to stop thinking down on people. He is also broken in the inside and he is ball of grief and anger, so we also need to consider that too. He upgraded his frame and he probably going to hurt his own body, badly. He dummy salty in this picture because those 2 are late for the meeting. Also, how did the the girl with the blue hair get a job in the first place at CCG? Maybe she wasn’t was lazy then.


The auction about to be lit. The place about to shot up with bullets and kagune, the girl who can’t use her kagune is paired next to SS-rated ghoul( she about to get auctioned), the CCG coming with the reinforcement if sh*t goes down, and someone meaningful is going to die by the way.

Are you ready everyone! I know I am! For some reason I’m thinking of Shanghai by Nicki Minaj. It’s a fun trap song and perfect for a roast and an auction throwdown.

Also is that my boy Oorichmaru? Without too much makeup?



4 thoughts on “Tokyo Ghoul:Re Episode 3 – What is even happening?

  1. I’m aware some manga readers disliked Ghoul re because of its convolutedness, especially with all the factions/counterfactions involved.

    It may have to do with Ishida Sui’s work schedule though – Ghoul’s previous director said Ishida prefers to work on a weekly basis (ie. instead of planning the story in advance, Ishida prefers to make it up per week as he goes).

    1. That definitely makes sense. I still have yet to read Re, but I hate those story I have to keep on going back and I can’t jump in where I left.

  2. The photographer (Chie) is Tsukiyama’s friend in his college. Their story never turned to anime since it is in the novel, so without explanation it maybe hard to understand.

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