Well this episode was definitely… interesting. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting considering the first episode was just perfect. This episode felt a little jumbled since it felt like it was trying to cram in so many different mini stories. However, I suppose it’s because of how the manga is laid out, since there are a lot of little plots with a few longer ones.

This episode starts off with Narumi and Hirotaka’s relationship being found out by a couple of their coworkers. It’s a little difficult to gauge how long they’ve been dating, but I assume for at least a few days since Narumi’s running away and hiding from Hirotaka has been going on for that long. I kinda have to question Narumi’s stance in their relationship. Especially at the beginning of the episode, she clearly states that it’s both awkward and not that exciting dating Hirotaka, which is kind of sad. In hindsight, it’s a little unfair to Hirotaka. But the fact that she was willing to give a relationship a chance gives a little bit of hope. Especially since dating is the experimental stage of whether people can be together or not. So, trial and error I suppose. Though I couldn’t help but giggle when both Hanako and Kabakura seem to be pitching for Hirotaka and Narumi respectively and highlighting their positives. (what great friends XD)

Though things get even more awkward when Narumi flat out says that Kabakura is more her type than Hirotaka… with the man standing right next to her. Smooth… The next series of sequences has to be the best part of the episode with game-like choices popping up on the screen. (Narumi also making 10/10 expressions once again) I was DYING of laughter when Hirotaka was giving the backstory of Hanako and Kabakura being the two volleyball captains on their respective teams in high school and Narumi was slowly sliding out of frame with each passing moment. The face that Narumi was making while sprinting and hitting the elevator button was TOO GOOD. Her frantic noises were also pretty hilarious.

But then things get a little more serious when Hirotaka confronts Narumi on how they used to be closer when they were just friends. And it’s true that relationships do tend to complicate friendships, sometimes making them more awkward. I can kind of understand Narumi’s stance on it being awkward since she didn’t start out having feelings for Hirotaka when they got into a relationship. But that doesn’t mean that she can’t develop feelings for him as they date. And Hirotaka being the awkwardly adorable nerd that he is, tells her he probably shouldn’t have told her that he likes her. Though mistakenly realizes a moment later that he never actually told Narumi that he likes her.

Narumi turning around and hugging Hirotaka was freaking ADORABLE. Especially how shy and awkward she got. Now, I don’t think that Narumi has completely fallen for Hirotaka, but I do feel that she is developing feelings for him little by little. Considering she was pretty affectionate towards him with the hug and holding onto his arm when walking to the arcade. But the thing that topped off this moment was Hirotaka adorably hiding his face in bliss. As we learned in the previous episode, he’s always liked Narumi since they were kids. So that hug must have made him so happy that he just didn’t know how to react. He’s such a cutie~ But man, when I first read this part in the manga, I was pretty surprised to find out that Hanako and Kabakura were already dating. It was funny because I thought to myself, “they might be cute together” only a moment later to realize that THEY WERE DATING ALL ALONG. Though I’m pretty sure the opening and ending had already spoiled that tidbit.

The second half of the episode was the group of otakus going to the bookstore…well more specifically, an anime/manga bookstore, heh. That Mahoutsukai no Yome nod was actually pretty great. (especially since I just started watching that series lol) Kabakura’s self-consciousness of his otaku interests can be seen as kind of annoying, but I can actually relate. I tend to keep my anime interests on the downlow towards people I just met or don’t know too well, like my coworkers for instance. I don’t necessarily hide my interests, but I don’t exactly bring attention to it either. Kabakura’s annoyed “I love it” towards the manga Hirotaka was showing him was pretty hilarious. Especially since he just took the manga out of his hands and went about as if he was going to go buy it in the most nonchalant way.

The part with Narumi and Hanako was cute as well. Though I do have to wonder what kind of people did Narumi surround herself with. Considering she hid her otaku interests from everyone, often being broken up by her boyfriends because of it. Did she not have any true friends until now? I’m glad she found this small group of otakus in her new workplace to bond with. Since I feel like everyone can relate to not being able to fit in at some point due to conflicting interests.

While this episode didn’t feel as strong as the first one, it still was a lot of fun to watch and had some absolutely adorable moments. I look forward to how they’ll adapt the upcoming chapters~ Also, that bit after the credits… Kabakura sure shot Hanako straight through the heart with that looker smile, didn’t he?


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  1. zztop

    Interestingly, the mangaka has (in)directly admitted she prefers writing short stories for Wotaku.
    I recall her afterwords she tried a longer story arc once, but it’s not something she’d like to do again.

    End credits show RL manga titles referenced this ep.
    Titles include UQ Holder, Masamune-kun’s Revenge, and Mahotsukai no Yome.

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