Sakura’s excited because she’s got a date plans with Syaoran! Kero’s even giving into the excitement as he sings along with Sakura while she makes their lunches.

And then a call changes everything. Sonomi phones Sakura and says she knows it’s last minute but her grandfather Masaki (Sakura’s great-grandfather) wants to invite Sakura over so he can give her something. Sakura calls Syaoran to apologize for the change in plans, but while on the phone with each other they both get a message from Tomoyo, and I assume that’s how Syaoran gets invited to Masaki’s mansion along with Sakura.

Masaki apologizes for changing Sakura and Syaoran’s plans once he sees that they had been intending to have lunch together, but Sakura insists that everyone share in the bentos (Syaoran brought one too) because it will taste better.

After lunch the trio runs out of tea, so Sakura offers to go inside and get more. Masaki takes this opportunity to quiz Syaoran on what Sakura is like, and he unknowingly uses the same descriptors Masaki had once used for Sakura’s mother Nadeshiko:  “Very energetic”, “always smiling and having fun”, and “just watching her makes everyone else happy.”

Masaki recalls a memory of Nadeshiko as a child pointing out a rainbow to him, and muses on the similarities between Sakura and Nadeshiko when she was the same age. However Masaki is also full of regret for how he treated Nadeshiko when she got married so young, and how she died before he could apologize to her. The silver lining to the rift in his family is that it was able to be mended, and he was able to meet Sakura. Masaki even makes a quiet reference to how he can’t hate the men who come to take the cute girls in his family away (first Fujitaka with Nadeshiko, and now Syaoran for Sakura), but thankfully Syaoran doesn’t hear Masaki properly, allowing the old man to lie and come up with a different line.

Over at Yukito’s place, Yukito and Kero are having the lunch that Sakura made for them. They talk about Toya a little, just simple talk. After they’re done eating they see a summoning circle on Kero’s phone. Who could be calling for them??

Back at Masaki’s mansion Sakura can’t find any of the help in the house to get some more tea for her. As she wanders around trying to find someone she comes across her mother’s old room. It’s exactly the way Nadeshiko left it, and all the doors have been left open allowing it to get fresh air and sunlight.

Sakura gets the idea to use Record to show her some of the memories embedded in the room, and she smiles to see her mother reading, knitting, and looking off the balcony. At one point Sakura moves to stand near her mother and touch her hand, but her mother suddenly “comes to” and recognizes Sakura. Child!Nadeshiko cups Sakura’s face with her hand and tells her, “No more. Any further, and you won’t be able to return.”  Is this a reference to Sakura watching the room’s memories? Is it a message for Akiho who has been reading the clock book?

With that Sakura is dragged into the dream world again. Same stupid clocks, person in the robe, and dark dragon in the sky. Over at Akiho’s house, Akiho has fallen into a daze. Sakura tells the person in the robe that she knows who they are, but she is awoken from the dream by Masaki before she can say a name.

Masaki tells one of the maids to call for an doctor, even though Sakura weakly protests that she’s alright. Syaoran notices that she had her clow key out and he’s immediately suspicious about what happened.

Over at Akiho’s house, Akiho recalls fragments of the dream for Yuna. He insists that Akiho go to sleep for the night despite it only being in the afternoon; he even carries her over to a couch and uses his magic to make her fall asleep.

Momo says that Akiho has begun to synchronize with Sakura, implying that whenever one of them has the dream then the other girl will too. The story inside the clock book is changing too, meaning that the power of the dream is growing. Momo asks if this is supposed to be happening so soon but Yuna says that the sooner the finale happens the better, especially because Sakura’s protectors are starting to put some of the pieces together and make their move.

Namely Eriol. FINALLY. The final moments of the episode show that he’s the one who summoned Yue and Kero to his mansion in England. GUYS IN THE NEXT EPISODE WE’RE FINALLY GOING TO BE TOLD WHAT THE FRIGGING FRACK IS GOING ON!!!   I’m super excited already!! 😀  On a few occasions I’ve wanted to go find the manga online and read this arc so I would know what the hell is going on but I’ve resisted, and next week will make the wait worth it!