Mahou Shoujo Ore – Episode 8

It’s taken eight episodes for this show to have an actually enjoyable and genuinely laugh out loud funny episode. It did fall into a few of it’s own pitfalls, the excessive violence during the demon scenes is far overplayed but otherwise this episode actually managed to handle itself rather well.

We see that Saki’s mother is still having a lot of trouble with her body. She’s feeling under the weather, but she still sends Saki off with a nice bento. Though we see quickly that she had no intention of laying down and resting, she takes her magic stick and say she has somewhere important to go. That important somewhere, was to Saki’s meet and greet to pass the magic stick off to Saki. Why she couldn’t of just done that at home is beyond me.
Who cares, it leads to some hilarious moments as the meet and greet staff tells her it’s not okay to pass off packages to the celebrities and make her leave it in the box. She questions Saki on if she’s figured out who the leader of the demons is yet. She says not yet, but she has a strong suspicion that they are there today and as a result there will be demons in the crowd. I honestly can’t believe it takes till the end of the episode for her to figure it out. Maybe this is one of those, ‘I have an outsiders prospective’ things or she’s just REALLY, REALLY naive. In particular since the singer in question, just happens to vanish right as the demons attack.

Said leader of the demons, vanishes after taking Saki’s mom. Who collapses after leaving her daughter to the infirmary. Saki’s mom, refusing to stay down gets up and goes to hand off her magic stick after hearing the girls were in trouble. She runs into Kokoro-chan who tells her she can’t be doing this anymore, it’s just wearing down on her body too much. She says after she passes off her stick, she’ll sign the contract and end being a magical girl and go back to her home planet.
Which she is promptly reminded is not actually part of her backstory.

Saki and Sakuyo beat down the demons and try to keep the crowd from getting her, also keeping Mohiro from being pushed into the other dimension. It all seems lost and hopeless, when the crowd begins cheering for them. A small girl that had given Saki a poop origami earlier in the episode begins the cheer and filled with the love power of the masses cheering for her. Saki gains the strength to beat down the demons.
Saki pulls Mohiro from the portal and they begin talking. She admits that she loves him [while still transformed as Ore of course], and he thanks her for everything and asks if there is anything he can do to help. Right when, a demon that somehow missed being slaughtered before comes up to attack them!

Enter, Magical Girl Sayo. Which, really just looks like a aged up magical girl ore…which makes sense I guess. Since it’s her mom. It’s all tense and dramatic, she passes off the stick but alas. Her time has come, her health just can’t hold up anymore and she passes. Kokoro-chan gains angel wings and takes her and flies away….
Honestly that’s really bold for this series. It would be REALLY unfortunate if they ruined this in the after credits by revealing she didn’t actually die. Well, the episode couldn’t be perfect I guess.

Also, before the ‘passing’ scene. They ask Mohiro who he’d been with throughout the day. The fans, his manager, the meet and greet staff and….Hyoue. Thus, Saki crosses the finish line and figures out the boss of the demons is clearly Hyoue. How will this be handled? Will she confront him directly? Why is he trying so hard to get his singing partner tossed into another dimension? What is his mysterious purpose besides being transparently evil?

Who the hell knows. This episode didn’t tell us, next episode won’t either because it’s going to focus on the anime only magical girls.

This episode wasn’t perfect, but it was genuinely funny. Which for this show is a small miracle. It’s the kind of comedy I was expecting when I signed up for this show and honestly, that’s the best I can ask for at this point. I’m just sad we had to wait so long to get an episode like this.

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