So the group lands in front of the villain, full of determination to get their friends back. They begin fighting against the villains to get the marbles back from the Magician. Shoji thinks he’s gotten them, but it doesn’t turn out that way. Kurogiri shows up and provides a portal for the villains to leave.

They would of made off with both Bakugo and Tokoyomi, if it wasn’t for Aoyama shooting his laser out from his hiding spot in the bushes. They manage to retrieve one of the marbles, unfortunately, it’s Tokoyomi’s and Bakugo gets dragged through the portal with the villains.

The rest of the episode is the clean up. The news reports, how this is affecting the schools reputation. The teachers have to seriously consider the possibility of a leak. However, starting to suspect one another could spell disaster.

The one silver lining in all of this is that they have a few leads. First off, a report that saw Dabi entering what they thought was an abandoned building. Nobody thought too much of it or the soft bar they found hidden inside the building too much. Until Aizawa and Vlad’s report about Dabi at the training camp. They now feel they have a good idea of where to start the search for the League of Villains.

Also, Yaoyorozu mentions to All Might that she placed a tracker with the help of one of the students from class B. She gives the receiver to All Might and a police officer so they can use that in their search.

Meanwhile, Midoriya is in the hospital again. He is struggling with the fact that Bakugo was right there and he couldn’t save him.
Kirishima is feeling very much the same. The entire class comes to visit Midoriya and he expresses his desire to get Yaoyorozu to make another receiver. So they can go try to save Bakugo themselves.

Iida remembering his experience with Stain. Recommends against this, he believes that they should leave this to the pro’s. Which, I have to say I agree with him. Still though, I can understand the frustration that Kirishima and Midoriya are feeling.
Kirishima reaches out his hand and asks Midoriya to take it and help him in saving his friend. Despite the fact that Iida and Tsuyu think this is a bad idea. The episode ends on this cliff hanger and we are left questioning if Midoriya is going to take Kirishima’s hand.

Okay, let’s be real. If they just sat back and let the pro’s handle it, we wouldn’t have much of a series. So we know he’s going to join Kirishima in his quest to try to save Bakugo. One can only question how this will affect his relationship with Iida and everyone else.

I don’t know about anyone else but I am super hype too see Bakugo tell the villains to go bugger the hell off. He totally isn’t the type to go to the bad guys, he’s never had the potential to be a villain despite his general temperament.