Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai Episode 5

This week it was the 10th Anniversary of Mitsuyoshi’s parents death, and took part of the Kaoru Ijuin’s Show experience. Ever since the funeral, it has always been Ijuin’s way of trying to support and cheer Mitsuyoshi up. Funny enough, the the two were not initially friends, but eventually became so thanks to Ijuin’s persistence of making sure Mitsuyoshi was okay.

Since he was a child, Mitsuyoshi has never been particularly expressive, especially when he is conscious of the camera pointing at him. His grandfather likens this as his smile though, something that has never changed. The last picture his father had taken before he and his mother had died in an accident (now likely to have been a car-crash since the body of the camera was the only thing that could be salvaged) has Mitsuyoshi feeling disappointed that his father has to depart earlier than scheduled, and instead of watching him leave, he looks away.

But it isn’t like Mitsuyoshi has no emotions, he just expresses them in a different way. However it may also be because it is difficult for him to share his internal struggles or concerns with another. Ijuin’s habit of constantly reminding him that he is always ready to lend him an ear shows it is a concern of his that has been bothering him for years. It is also something Teresa picks up on and thought she had connected with, feeling Mitsuyoshi has been living life wishing to be stronger. Hearing that definitely rattled him, a first in probably a very long time, but he still denies it. More than that, it looks like he noticed that she was also talking about herself. It will be interesting to see whether or not this will be something that lingers in the back of his mind, making this the first thing the two are able to connect with up until now. I also believe Teresa’s comment of how both his and his father’s pictures give her a warm and fuzzy feelings will also slowly but surely seep into his heart as well. It is a comment that no one has ever told him before, and he will undoubtedly come to cherish.

I would say this week’s episode was the strongest since the premiere. The beginning of the episode made my heart hurt, knowing that would be the last time Mitsuyoshi and his sister sees their parents. And then after what felt like an eternity, they finally threw us some decent sized crumbs to sate our hunger until next week’s episode that is looking to have a lot more air time of our main couple together! With the arrival of Charles, we have yet to know exactly who he is, but based on the flashbacks, I’m guessing he is related to Teresa, possibly an elder brother, or another one of her family’s retainers. I am also pretty sure this is the guy Alex has a crush on. There was also an interesting bit that slipped out when the girls were talking about love, where Alex says Teresa has a boyfriend, and even the princess herself blushes and is uneasy about it. It makes me wonder if that means she has a fiancé, especially since she is in the middle of preparations to become queen.

Given the rapid progression of Teresa’s feelings, and now by next week will we have reached the halfway point of the series, it is a matter of Mitsuyoshi playing catch-up… Unless it turns out he already does have feelings stirring within his heart. He didn’t give Ijuin a straight answer after-all, so he kind of dodge the question and was bailed out thanks to Pin slipping in the baths. It certainly doesn’t help how Mitsuyoshi is ridiculously difficult to read.

Another thing I liked about the episode was how well they actually executed the bathhouse setting without it revolving around fanservice. That bit with the music when the boys were stripping almost made me choke on my drink from laughing. I also liked how both parties were discussing love, and it was fun to hear the two overhear bits of each others’ discussion. It also turns out that Kentarou has a crush, but feels it is unrequited. Although I have been complaining how the lack of time for our main couple, I would also hope they don’t just leave us hanging after hearing that. (THERE IS ALWAYS A TIME AND PLACE FOR IT!)

Next week Mitsuyoshi and Teresa are dressing up in some formalwear, so I wonder what the event will be, and how Mitsuyoshi ends up getting involved? What a curious thing indeed!

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