Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai Episode 8

What is love, was the subject of this week’s episode. Everyone mused about the feeling, how it happens and so on, and by the end of it, Teresa has officially fallen in love with Mitsuyoshi.

Up until this point, it was just crush and lingering feelings. But what made her fall was when Mitsuyoshi told her what it means to regret something. It started off with him opening up to her about feeling the need to quickly grow up after his parents died. Having sensed she was experiencing a similar struggle, he asks her about it and Teresa tells him about the time when she realized her actions hurt someone. He tells her since she can’t go back in time, she should just trying not to repeat her past mistakes.

To be completely honest with you, I am on the fence about how the scene was executed, because strangely, I didn’t feel anything. As result, I didn’t find the development to be very convincing. Something was missing, that little magic that pulls my heart-strings, just like it did when Mitsuyoshi glanced at Teresa and smiled as he took a picture of her. Of course I recognize one of the key factors that contributed to this development was the fact Mitsuyoshi didn’t sugarcoat his words, and gave her words of encouragement in ways others may not because of her status. Or she felt their conversation made the connection between them even stronger. Either way, it’s clear his words resonated with her, and in turn and her feelings for him grow even more.

But in more ways than one, I think Mitsuyoshi might be catching onto Teresa hiding something important about herself. He just isn’t the type to press for answers, but rather approach the subject when he feels it’s right, as he did today. When she said that she dreamed of becoming a ballet dancer, but had to stop because she wouldn’t grow any taller– I don’t know how tall she is, so I honestly can’t tell if she’s saying that just to cover up the fact she couldn’t because she had no choice but to give up her dream. In fact his face gave me the impression he wasn’t convinced, especially when we take into consideration he has witnessed how determined Teresa can be when she has her mind set on something.

The most agonizing part about the episode was the fortune scene. Teresa pulled one with excellent luck, and it said, “the person you’re waiting for will come”. I am sure most of us squealed for a few seconds until Hinako,  dropped the truth bomb, of what I feel is what is most likely going to become of Teresa’s and Mitsuyoshi’s relationship: “It might be a soulmate, but you could be captivated with someone who will positively change your life”It is a deadly torpedo just waiting to sink the ship in the harbour before it even has the chance to set sail.

Then there is the relationship between Teresa and Alex. I am going to have to wait and see what Alex is going to say to Teresa next week, but since she likely overheard pretty much the entire conversation between Mitsuyoshi and Teresa, one of two things could happen. She either follows Charles advice, and tries to put more faith in Teresa and giving her breathing room to allow her to enjoy herself. Or, she will be a stick-in the mud and try to nip the blossoming feelings Teresa has grown for Mitsuyoshi.


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