Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei Bu Happy Kiss! – Episode 9

The cultural festival is upon us and the Defense Club hasn’t decided what to do. After some discussion, they decide to check the club room for any ideas or relics left over from previous years cultural festivals. A small throw back to the play that the defense club put in is thrown in but quickly brushed aside as they find a set of party dice. The dice have things printed on them like “the person on the left”, “Acts as an invisible chair.”, “carries like a princess”, “Feeds”…
In other words, it’s a fairly soft version of adult party dice.

Kyōtarō and Karls think this will be an excellent thing to make everyone happy. They do a test roll and end up having Ichiro acting as an invisible chair for Wakura. Both of them enjoying it vastly, for entirely different reasons. Wakura because he’s a sadist who loves the pain that it’s causing Ichiro.
Ichiro because of his raging boner for Wakura. After Ichiro collapses to the ground with Wakura on top of him, Karls says that he feels happiness and thus this must be what they do for the festival.

They decide to try doing this again and so they have Taichi go this time and wrap his arm around Ichiro and read something off a note. Which is basically a love confession. They’re both blushing deeply, the rest of the club claps and congratulates Taichi on finally saying it. He says he was just reading from the note and it didn’t mean anything, Karls once again points out that they were extremely happy.

During the festival, they have Kyōtarō pick up Ryoma princess style and be fed cake. Everyone watches and compliments how bold and daring and, well weird the defense club is.

There is a monster this week, but nobody wants to fight. Not the Monster, not the defense club. The monster was some guy who decided how to do things in his life by using dice.
He sees that dice can be used to bring people together and has no desire to fight. So they basically transform, make him happy and go to playing with the dice.

The best part of this episode is that it knows exactly what it is and who it’s pandering too. It picks the couples it’s already established and panders to everyone shipping it.
Here’s where I would complain about how this weeks episode did nothing to progress the plot or help the characters grow. I can’t though, I laughed so hard. This episode was just funny. The yaoi undertones were turned up by a hundred and it was just so fun.

The only thing that makes me sad is that we didn’t get any yaoi scenes with any of the student council members. As a  Kyōtarō/Ata and Wakura/Unazuki shipper this makes me incredibly sad. Their only point in this episode was to sit in the background, turn the monster and yell at it to fight despite it’s distinct lack of interest into fighting the defense club.

Ata stalks off at the end of the episode, which he’s been doing for most part for the last couple of episodes. I want to say we’ll dive into his back story soon, but i’m thinking at that at this point it won’t come up until episode eleven or twelve.
One can only hope it is worth the wait.

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  1. Can some please notify MidnightDevont · that Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei Bu Happy Kiss! – Episode10 was aired on this past weekend. There was a delay in the broadcast if the poster is aware of the new times air dates for the remaining 2 episodes left for this series season.

  2. MidnightDevont Do you think you’ll bother dong a small post about Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei Bu love love and the OVA on this site you or our colleges never covered season two from the rest series when it aired din 2015.

    1. Hmmm, I did really enjoy season 2 and the OVA despite the fact it was mostly a recap [a recap with some KILLER musical numbers, but a recap none the less] If there is really an interest for it, I would not mind doing a write up on them at all ^^ also, thanks for the update on the broadcast delay. I was fighting really hard to find the source, I heard it was a Tennis match that delayed the broadcast by a week :/ right when we are getting to the good stuff too!

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