Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai Episode 11


It actually surprises me how much time has passed this episode, but I actually liked it a lot. It forced Mitsuyoshi to face the feelings he has been trying to shut out the entire time. He tried throwing away the things that reminds him of Teresa, he stopped taking pictures as often as he used to, he was unusually distorted, acted more indifferently than usual and was convinced he was never going to see her ever again. Her absence left a bleeding wound in his heart that he was so desperately trying to stop.

But what broke forced him to face his feelings and pain he has been trying so hard to ignore, was the video of their first club activity. They found it on her memory card that was left in the club room. Teresa had accidentally filmed it, not realizing the she was on video-mode until Mitsuyoshi had corrected her. The combination of seeing her in the video, hearing the sound of her voice and the moment they shared together made all of the feelings he had been working so hard to burry for three months all came exploding to the surface, and Mitsuyoshi couldn’t handle it.

What hurts Mitsuyoshi the most though is how the people he cares the about the most keeps on disappearing without any warning. He is tired of it, it is frustrating and emotionally taxing for him, so he tries to shut everything out of his heart. But now he is in deep regret of repeating the same mistakes from the past, of not being able to properly express his feelings when he initially wanted to.

Thankfully Grandpa had kept the Rainbow Shogun “Treasure Box” that Mitsuyoshi had attempted to throw away, but immediately regretted when he came back home to find it was gone. Grandpa was also the one to suggest to Mitsuyoshi to go to Larsenburg, and see Teresa after hearing he wishes to see her at least once last time. It sounds like the plan is to have Mitsuyoshi meet up with his friend Reiko, who he knows is connected with Alex and Teresa thanks to Alex handing him the letter. Boy is he going to be in for a world of surprise when he discovers Teresa is royalty!

Better yet, Mitsuyoshi is confronting his fears of flight and is going alone…. with Ijuin shadowing him along the way (because he has the money the do so). Thank god for that, because this way Mitsuyoshi won’t be on his own trying to work his way around a foreign country for the first time. And I am glad he has a friend like Ijuin, who is perspective enough to know that he was not okay, and never stopped telling him that he was ready to lend him support whenever he needed it. Ijuin was able to confirm his suspicions about Mitsuyoshi liking Teresa after Pin had submitted his picture to the contest, on his behalf. It had won him the Excellence Award. Ijuin knew because the picture he had taken was something he believed only could be done by someone who is in love. And I must say I agree with that assessment.

The next episode is supposed to be the last one, and I am not ready whatsoever. I have prepared myself in advance by acknowledging this series is probably not going to have your typical happily ever after, or exchange of confessions and the two start dating sort of finish. It will likely be one where the two will confess they love each other, but accept they have to walk on different paths, and thank each other.
But god damn it, what I would do to get an ending where the two of them can be happy together!!!!


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2 thoughts on “Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai Episode 11

  1. Until the last episode is aired, one can hope for the better… [optimist here]
    After all, nothing dramatic was shown in the preview…

    1. An extended preview is probably going to come out, but it’s better anyways not to see much in the preview. I do wish they had one more episode to work with though 🙁

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