Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai Episode 12

Praise the lord, this week was not the finale… Not that it made it any better since it took almost the entirety of the episode to get Misuyoshi and Teresa to meet each other, and then proceed to have a conversation in regards to her true identity. Boy, it sure got ugly real fast. And what drew the line between them was not because she was royalty, but the fact she is set to be married to Charles. That is what shocked him the most.

So it’s no surprise, after being put such a distressful emotional rollercoaster, Mitsuyoshi has finally cracked and for the first time in god knows how long, he is shedding tears. And thank god Ijuin shadowed along, because our boy is going to need all the support he can get after having the bombshells of royalty and engagements were dropped onto him.

Teresa had it equally as bad as him. The worst part is that from the moment she was born, everything was already decided for her, including who she was going to marry. She says she is okay, but the truth is, she is not and Mitsuyoshi knows it. On top of the heartbreaks of learning his feelings about her, and now knowing their love seemingly never had a chance to begin with, seeing Teresa suffer is something that hurts him as well.

This episode was miserable for everyone (except for Ijuin who was touring elsewhere) because they are either unrequited love, or a love that could never be. Both are equally as painful since at the end of the day, no one gets to be with the one they care about most. I already prepared myself for a heart-break finale where nothing becomes of Misuyoshi’s and Teresa’s love because they live in two different worlds that will require not just one, but multiple people making a huge sacrifice just to provide them a thread of hope for a brighter future. The nature of the show doesn’t scream we will get one of those fairy tale-like endings, but rather it will be one that will draw parallels to Reiko’s and Shouzo’s (Grandpa) relationship.

The only thing that drove me nuts this episode was the how long it took to get to the conversation about the secret. The conversation finally came up when there was as little as four minutes left before the credits started rolling. A part of me wished though, that the episode didn’t have to end with this particular conversation, enabling us to see it happen sooner and let us see what resolve Misuyoshi will come down to. Ultimately, Ijuin will undoubtedly be playing a huge role in their last game plan, with what I believe to be an invitation Reiko had slipped into his bag. I don’t know if Mitsuyoshi is bold enough to suggest the move of going to the party, especially since I can imagine he wouldn’t want to trouble Teresa further…. but I can definitely see Ijuin finding it. In fact I bet he will also play the Fairy God Mother role (we have gotten to the point where ‘magical miracles’ is very much needed at this point) by making sure that Mitsuyoshi is able to attend the ball, and is all suited up for it as well.

But if it he were to go, it is still so hard for the both him and Teresa to see each other. Teresa was barely able to keep herself together when he appeared in front of her. You could see the wheels of panic spinning as all the feelings she has been working so hard to suppress rushing to the surface. Once the secret was out, Teresa just couldn’t hold it in anymore and was devastated.

Next week will be the finale, and ugh, I am trying to prepare my heart, but I don’t think any of us can truly be ready for the pain we are probably going to have to go through…


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5 thoughts on “Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai Episode 12

  1. IMHO, what made Teresa break was not so much seeing Mitsuyoshi and confronting him about her future, but realizing she was squandering the true love of her dear friend Alex.
    She was aware of her impending marriage for a long time and surely she had reflected to come in terms with it, but the guilt about the love of her friend just as she meets her own love is too much to bear.
    And now, one more week of crushing uncertainty .

    1. Oh I absolutely agree on that assessment. Teresa is a selfless girl after-all, and how awful it must be to set to marry when she doesn’t even love and the one who is in love with the guy knows it. Heck, I am not sure if Teresa knows that Charles likes her though, which probably makes it even worse because in the end, she is unwillingly hurting two people, even three if we were to include having to reject Misuyoshi, since we know he feels the same for her. 😭

      1. Yes, Charles situation is tricky.
        But I think that Charles thinks about Teresa more in a sibling-like manner: he wants to protect her, her smile. With Alex he interacts on a more equal standing, with Teresa it is like she is his little sister. It was very apparent in chapter 6; when Charles danced with Alex I could imagine them as a couple… past the pure romance stage, that is.

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