Tokyo Ghoul Re Episode 11 – That b!tch was killed? Thank da Lord.

First of all, shout out to my girl Matsumae for killing the 2 most cancerous people in the CCG. That girl with the pink hair was looking really bloodthirsty and the guy with the patches is blood thirsty all the time. And Furuta, the butler of the guy with the patches, is also cancerous and I hope he dies. He used his teammate as a shield and uses mind controlling techniques, which is smart by the way.

Matsumae is like “ You used your own teammate as a shield and killed him” and he was like “technically you killed him” and he stabs her eyes out. Oof.

Then I don’t understand the dedication of the workers of the Tsukiyama. They would die for their family and would do anything for them. They must have done a lot for these ghouls. Apparently, it was mentioned in previous episodes, but for some of them, they gave them a place of refuge when they had no where to go and a job.

There is something else I don’t understand. There was a cut scene/flashback scene while Tsukiyama and Haise were fighting, where I think Haise just turned into Haise and he wanted to die. And then that Arima guy was like you’re my quinque and if you want to die, you can. So in order to save himself, he had to be part of the CCG and become Arima’s quinque. Kankei doesn’t want to die yet. Not yet.

When they use a questionable ghoul that may or may not turn to the ghoul side to fight ghouls…

Ghouls have amazing powers. But I feel like they are getting more amazing over time. That ghouls that was regernating faster than they could fight it and then after they did a big attack, it attacked them more( laughing face).

I guess this isn’t the first time they have done a family extermination because apparently Kanae’s family was killed by the CCG too. They know what they are doing. Ay! This might end quickly….

Kanae’s backstory was interesting, we knew that she was the only person in her family left and the  Tsukiyama’s are her cousins. The fact that slowly her family was hunted and killed and she was only one left is painful.

And also the fact that her eyes and mouth and still sewn from the torture is creepy. She got really messed up because of the torture. We don’t know how exactly messed up yet, but she really messed up. She probably has a twisted love for Tsukiyama that was in her, but now brought to the surface by the torture. That rabbit girl probably put some ideas in her head and probably raped her to be honest. I felt like that could have happened.

I think Kankei is going to show himself during this battle. I’ve been waiting for this the entire time. The entire time, I’m waiting for everyone to get wrecked, because like I previously mentioned, this was a bad idea in general.

Next episode: The Conclusion of the Tsukiyama Fight! Is Kankei going to come out? What they going to do with regenerating ghoul? Is Matsumae and her comrade going to kill this bloodthirsty piece of trash who uses his own teammates as shields? Is Kanae going to kill Haise/Kankei( well, she’s going to try)?

See y’all next week!



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