We enter the beginning of the Professional Hero Licence Examination arc. First though, before you can begin the test to get your Hero Licence. You need to acquire something that distinctly your own. Something as inseparable from you as your own body. Something totally unique.
A Ultimate Attack! So the staff brings them to “Training Dining land” or TDL, which also is the abbreviated form of Tokyo Disney Land [What is it with UA naming everything close to something disney related?] to do some training on their Ultimate Attacks.
A few of the students have ideas for theirs. Some of them need to overcome weaknesses in their quirks to make their ultimate attacks work. Some are coming up with even more than one.

Midoriya though is in a bit of a predicament. He can’t rely that much on his arms, they are basically a ticking time bomb at this point.
So use your legs.
I mean, I can’t believe it takes all episode and All Might dropping him with a small bit of advice for him to figure out something this simple. Midoriya has shown in the past that he can be a tactical genius when he wants to be. I guess somethings when it comes to ourselves, we’re blind to these things. It’s not until much later when he is watching Iida get harassed by the girl from the tech support class that he realizes what it is that he needs to do. Which is, focus on his legs. He’d been so hyper focused on his arms because he was trying to live in All Might’s shadow.

Speaking of the support class girl. Hatsume gets a lot of focus in this episode, on her character and on her breasts. Which are right out in the open and fluster Midoriya and make Uraraka suffer a large amount of breast envy.
Between her appearance here, and how important she was in the previous arc. You know that Hatsume is going to be an important character to the series. Which is good, because she has a lot of passion. She’s always tinkering with something and trying her best to support the Heroes despite not aiming to be a hero herself. Support is just as important as Hero work and she’s someone to watch out for in the future. Even the head of the support tech department at the school acknowledges it.

This is one of those episodes while a lot of things happen, there isn’t a ton going on. It’s mostly emotional growth on Midoriya’s part, in realizing that he needs to become his own person and own hero. Rather than aiming to just become the next All Might.
It’s establishing the importance of Hatsume and the support course students in a heroes life. It’s also showing once again the eternal bond between Iida, Uraraka and Midoriya.

Though the end of the episode displaying the beginnings of everyone’s Ultimate Abilities is pretty awesome. The way Tokiyomi covers himself in Dark Shadow to overcome his own physical weakness is awesome. The fact that Bakugo is making a bullet-proof piercing beam with his fire instead of just letting it explode out of his hands. Watching Midoriya rush in too save All Might from a falling rock with his new found ability to control One for All in his legs.

I’m really excited to see how the new arc is going to pan out.