Picking up where we left off last episode. Rachel asks the man with the scythe to kill her, he has absolutely no interest in that right now though. His prime objective is getting off that floor and finding a way out. So she goes, gets the key to the elevator off the doctor to open the elevator and asks again.
He realizes, ‘hey, she’s pretty smart. I can use her.’ and tells her that he’ll kill her after she helps him escape from this place. They introduce themselves to each other and we learn his name is Zack. They move to another floor on the elevator and wander out into a area with a path over water, that leads out to a graveyard.

There are many graves littering the area, but only one new one. A new one bearing Rachel’s name. Behind the grave, there is a hidden area. Rachel offers to go check it out, leaving Zack with the graves telling him to look for a switch or a trigger of some kind.
She only makes one request of him. If at all possible, can he avoid destroying her own grave. With that, she walks inside.

The graves are doing absolutely nothing but pissing Zack off. He goes over to the poor excuse of a pile of rubble that was made as his own grave and wants to destroy it. He can’t use his scythe, he’ll break it. Luckily, he finds a pick axe and starts taking out the graves.
I can already tell he’s going to be my favorite thing about this anime. It’s been two episodes, most of which he’s been a blood thirsty killer and a absolute psycho-path in but if something happened to him I would already lose my shit.

Inside the back area behind the graves. Rachel finds files on herself and on Zack. The file calls him by a different name, by the name of Issac Foster. A little background information was that he was in an illegal orphanage as a child, but vanished after the orphanage was shut down for it’s horrible conditions.
Once Rachel goes and confronts him about this bit of information. He asks her what learning all that made her feel. He asks if she’s scared of him. She says no, and he says he’s heard that once before.

We get a flashback of a woman saying the same thing to him. That she’s a fan of his, that she wanted to meet him. He was in the papers after all.
Okay, so between the setting of the scene. The way she’s dressed, and the way she’s talking about him being in the papers. I’m going to go on a limb here and say he’s strongly based on, if not actually Jack the Ripper. I am not even sure it was possible for me to love him more.

Pissed off by all of this, and by her. He says on a second thought, he is going to destroy her grave. He takes the pick axe and swings it through it. Once again, uttering the best line of the episode.

“Your grave is not here.” 

they go back to where they started and Rachel points to the trigger, which is in the water where they first came in. Or at least, it’s a trigger. Probably to enter the locked room that she found in the back area. So she has Zack go and step on it.
This part of the episode had a lot of interesting moments. Where he tries to get her to do something that will make him want to kill her. Have her cry, scream, smile…or do something that will spark his interest. He does get her to smile, but her eyes are so dead that there is nothing in it for him. He can’t do it, not yet, not until he gets out of there and she makes it worth his time to kill her.

As Rachel goes off to check the room that they unlocked with him in the water. Zack is in the ruined grave yard, when he runs into this floors guardian. Who is none too pleased about the destruction of his graves.