Attack on Titan s3 Episode 5 [ False Alarm ]

This episode of Attack on Titan we get to see some great things as we are forced to watch the impromptu trial of Erwin Smith. Though this has its moments of oh shit, this could be bad?! We all know Erwin is a fantastic genius, and so of course the moment his ‘death’ sentence is given Erwin makes sure there is another element that comes into play. Immediately, the fall of Wall Rose is announced and the nobility in the government decide to shut all the peasants out of Wall Sina. This decision leads to some fortunate decisions of the Garrison movement, showing once and for all that the Scout Regimen survives solely by being way too tenacious. Actually killing these guys deserves a medal.

The way Erwin did what he did makes me laugh really hard. Of course I know that Erwin isn’t invulnerable due to his state of being a one armed man right now, but it is really nice to see characters who last through impossible situations. It’s so funny that broken necks and tripping can kill people in shows like this, but then characters like Levi and Erwin get through terrible situations without breaking a sweat. How is Erwin not sweating through all of these terrible situations? I guess when the alternative is being eaten alive you learn to live with that.

Most of the episode after Erwin manages to survive is nervewracking. Why is it that Historia was sought after by the Reiss family? What about her bloodline makes her so important? We even hear the nobility of the Capitol speaking to each other about ‘the power’ and being relieved because of the current situation. As it stands because of the situation that Eren and Historia are currently in, things are going according to their plan, so what could it be?

Well the terrible part is that I know exactly what the plan is. I know what is going to happen and when the episode ends on Eren chained. Armin deliberates: if someone who eats a titan gets their powers, how did Eren get his? The viewers of the show come to a terrifying realization by the end: Someone wants Eren to be eaten for his powers. Watching as Eren peers down at the face of his friend, we can all realize something awful. Someone wants Eren to be eaten by …..Christa…?, and Eren’s fate is now in the hands of a friend whose history is muddled with misfortunate and sorrow.

How will it end?


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