Can I ask a question? I think this is a valid question, so hear me out. What kind of mother has no idea what the hell is happening in her own son’s room? What kind of mother doesn’t go inside her child’s room? You know, to just…clean, and stuff. There’s just no way Mitsuboshi’s mother didn’t go into his room and see all those Shio posters at least once. Honestly!

You know, it’s really hard to take this anime seriously when everyone is so over-the-top crazy. However, things seem to be moving in a more interesting direction with that ending. This episode everyone was kind of falling apart, especially Satou and Shio. But by the end, their happy sugar life love nest went back to being normal.

The first half continued with what we saw from the post-credits scene last week with the girl named Su-chan. Shoko is out on a day off, and it’s her and Satou working the cafe. Su-chan makes a mistake with a customer and Satou comes to the rescue. When they finish their day, Su compliments Satou over and over and Satou notices Su has the exact same bag with her with the same exact macaron keychains as her. That’s when Su admits that she loves Satou and always aspired to be like her since the first day they met each other. She’s admitted to buying the same bag, the same keychains, the same makeup while also wearing said makeup EXACTLY like Satou, bought the same socks and….underwear. She’s upset that she can’t do the same hairstyle as her because her hair is too short, and she can’t go to the same school as her. Then she makes the mistake of telling Satou that she wants the exact same home environment as her, so she literally read through her resume to find her address and says that no one lives there. So she asks if it’s a secret and pisses Satou off real bad. I mean, I would be too if some random crazy ass went through my personal belongings and literally started copying everything about me. Of course, she was mostly angry because she was getting too close to her personal life, which means getting close to Shio. To make her shut up and change her mind, Satou kisses her and “confesses” that she loves Su and just wants her to be who she is. Of course she doesn’t mean it, she just doesn’t want her to copy her anymore. This in turn makes Su happy but gets frightened when Satou basically threatens her to mind her own damn business.

However, handling that situation that way didn’t make her happy at all as she’s reminded of her aunt. She feels bitter and disgusted and rushed home to Shio, only to find her passed out on the floor in pain. Shio is in pain, remembering things about her mother that aren’t too healthy. She keeps questioning about her family, and when she comes to, she admits to Satou that she did talk to someone that night. She cries and apologizes and Satou is left with her own inner conflict. Why is she having all these negative feelings? Is it punishment? She wanted to admit to Shio of all the things she did, such as the killing, but in the end only admitted that she told someone else that she loved them (Su) when she promised Shio that she would love only her. Of course things are patched up when Shio says it’s okay and she says she loves her more than her family and vice versa. All those people Satou killed? A crime? Nah, of course not. In her twisted mind, Satou thinks killing others isn’t a crime because she’s so true and loyal to her love.

And that’s just ridiculous.

Tying in those events, Shoko heads to Mitsuboshi’s place. She accidentally stumbles into his room while she was waiting for him and finds all the Shio posters plastered all over his walls and littering his floor and bed. Of course Shoko is freaked out, even more so when he explains that Shio is his angel and whatnot. She’s confused obviously and terrified. But then Mitsuboshi suddenly changes gears and asks Shoko where Satou lives. Living alone with her aunt seems unlikely because he clearly remembers seeing Satou run off with Shio in his arms that night when he got beat up. He comes to the (correct) conclusion that Satou must have Shio kidnapped. Of course, Shoko thinks it’s crazy and thinks it more ridiculous when Mitsuboshi starts getting frantic about wanting his “angel” back. So really, it’s about him. She runs off and stops in the middle of the street, where a Shio poster is next to her.

In the post-credits scene of the episode, this time we see Shoko still in front of the Shio poster, but Asahi walks up behind her. I’m guessing what’s going to happen next is Asahi is going to confront Shoko and she’s going to learn more about Shio and she might confront Satou if Mitsuboshi won’t. Satou thinks her love nest is safe, but if Asahi ever comes in contact with Mitsuboshi again, things are going to get serious fast.

It was a decent episode that set things up for some better things to happen later on. I found it really strange that Satou didn’t catch when Shio said she loved Satou more than her family. I don’t think Shio ever talked about her family, or families in general, in front of Satou before. I’m sure that would have caught her attention, like Asahi for example. But I think her bliss and the sweetness of her love clouded her judgment. Not like she has much judgment anyway.


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