High Score Girl Episodes 3 and 4– Why Did I Wait so long to Watch These Episodes? What is wrong with me?

I’m on vacation at my grandma’s house and I was like I forgot to watch High Score Girl. Then I start doing other stuff, like helping my grandma clean. Then there was a point I could have watched it, but it was 11:30 at night and I wasn’t feeling it. Then today, at 9 am, I was like “ Pandora, you need to watch this show. Today. Right now” So I watched it and it was good. I loved it, and I’m tell you why I love it.

  1. The Ring

That ending made me scream. I was screaming. I was making all this noise because he ran to airport. He was trying to deny it, but he knew how much he liked her. He started running. Typical romance run with old school game character helping him get to the girl. Well, that’s most games, running to save the girl. But he didn’t have to be so tsundere about it, with that “ I don’t need her and I don’t miss her” and shit like that. I felt bad about that and at least he did the right thing in the end. And he gave her the cheap ring that he was supposed to give his mom, but it’s still a ring. Still a ring. The love is real.

  1. Amusement Park

It’s unclear if Doi thinks he’s better than Harou because he’s rich or he thinks he’s smarter, but either way, he likes Ono and he tries to fight for her attention. So that’s why he has this garden party for the class, and invites everyone, even the losers like Harou. For most of the show, I thought he was a girl. And don’t know why, maybe it’s the hair. Even though he had a male voice actor and I was like, he still looking like a girl.

It’s also interesting that Ono has never been to an amusement park before. Hmm. And she only want to go on rides with Harou. That was so cute.

  1. Pervert Child

Who is this kid? I thought it was a boy but in reality, it’s a girl. And I was like what is wrong with her. She wants to see her classmates’ boners and it’s really creepy. And what is up with that pink afro thing??? It’s the early 90’s…

  1. Don’t think I forgot about the Teacher the entire duration of this show

The teacher. He is so weird and he does the “ a$$ gun” thing to people. And he is really hard on underachieving students like Harou. And he always has that weird a$$ jumpsuit. And he was real salty that Harou didn’t get a Ono a parting gift. I forgot to talk about him in previous posts, but I didn’t forget this man. Everyone knows this teacher.

  1. That Opening

According to the opening, there is going to be another girl, I think. Who is the girl with blonde hair? Probably someone in their class. Hopefully, they aren’t too weird. With my luck, it’s probably Ono when she comes back from America. Dying your hair blonde was popular in the 90’s and the early 2000’s. I actually don’t know, I wrote an essay on popular trends in different decades for English class, but I was not alive to witness the monstrosity of platinum dyed hair being popular.  I think she is a totally different girl who is interested in Harou, some odd reason.

And onward to the next episode!!!

Hidaka is that blonde girls’ name. And she is different person( I’m laughing because I thought of the conspiracy of her and Ono being the same person) She’s a really smart and she doesn’t know how to have fun. I don’t understand that concept of a character “The one who doesn’t know how to have fun”.

I like to think I’m smart, but I used to afraid to step into weird situations and I always feel tense. Like when I saw my boyfriends’ car, I didn’t want to step into that because it looked like it’s going to fall apart( I dub it the Rust Bucket), but I got in. And it’s fun to be a passenger in a fast car on the summer day. If you don’t step in and have fun, you’ll never know, even if looks dangerous. No, I am not skydiving or riding on a top of a train. And I’m not going to go in a pen with a lion or a tiger in it.

Well, anyways. Personal accedotes are my weakness.

Harou might be having too much fun, but at least he doesn’t worry as much as the rest of them. Harou is smart, but he “ just doesn’t apply himself”, tho. He rather play games, and he should enjoy the game time while it lasts.

I love how the Hidaka’s dad was trying to get her to play a few games too, but she was nah, I don’t want to be a delinquent. Why is playing videogames make you a delinquent back in the day? Apparently a bunch of people, including the teacher think it’s bad to play games. And that try to make it a bad thing, by calling him out in the middle of class.

Today, it makes you a nerd and you seem smart. But now there is advent of casual and real games. Meaning that there are games that are considered too casual and are for lazy gamers, like Sims, dating games, rhythm games, Temple Run and others. Then there is games that “real games”, the smart gamers play, like Call of Duty, Dota, Team Fortress, and other ( I can’t think of anymore, I don’t play that sh*t). Let’s accept that casual games are girly and real games are boyish. Let me put it down that way. Videogames are supposed to bring us together and we are all supposed to enjoy them together.

So speaking of bringing people together, Hidaka and Harou play Street Fighter instead of attending the Christmas Party and they exchange gifts with each other. Harou got mittens from Hidaka and Hidaka got a Gamer magazine from Harou. A relationship brought together by videogames and I love it. Harou got the girls falling for him like Issei from DxD.

He also be giving good life advice like Issei. Don’t give up!!! Try harder, and harder. Even though it’s looks like you are the underdog, keep on trying. That’s whats up. Kinda the boost I needed because I need to go college strong.

Next week, I’m going to compare the both of them. Issei and Harou. They are similar. I be making my table now.



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  1. kof kof says:

    About this quote:
    “Why is playing videogames make you a delinquent back in the day? Apparently a bunch of people, including the teacher think it’s bad to play games. And that try to make it a bad thing, by calling him out in the middle of class.”

    Because that actually happened, in the past play videogames was considered wrong by other people, even more play video games at that age where “you stop playing with toys”… Those who spent their time in Arcades were considered lazy, rebellious and problem childs. This added to the fact that in those arcades undesirable people also met.

    Nowadays a concept like “you’re a criminal for going to the arcades” may sound strange, but at that time … believe me not.
    To think that now people call themselves “gamers” when in the past If you said that you played video games, it was a reason to laugh at you.

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