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We finally meet the man who will be Holmes’ main opponent of the series. Enshou is a “copyist” whose’ pride has been wounded by the fact a young man (Holmes) was able to discern one of his Kizeto tea bowls as fakes. But at the same time, it reignited his passion to create more fakes, and thought it would be  fun to challenge him, starting with having his copies being displayed in the museum in place of the originals. Holmes and his grandfather were able to discredit it, recognizing there was a certain sophistication about the counterfeits. The two of them meet at the Temple of Nanzenji when Holmes has been called in to investigate a letter was left under the Statue of Kanzan and Jittoku, the antique that was said to have been stolen (really replaced with a counterfeit) was the Zuiryu Scroll.

And what can I say, Endou got some loose screws. Holmes profiles him as someone who is emotionally unstable, wild mood swings originated from his childhood, but at the same time has a lot of confidence in himself and his abilities. Such confidence comes from his natural ability.

….It’s quite scary how Holmes is able to put all of this together… I wonder how much of it is actually true (and if it is true, goodness gracious Holmes…)

But if there’s one thing that we should all take note of this week, is understanding how there are two types of counterfeits. It all comes down to the intent behind the piece. There are circumstances when the counterfeits are simply replicating the original copy, but there is also another where counterfeits as born a twisted art form that individuals such as Enshou are especially proud of, envisioning themselves as the creator of the work. This is how such works are created without ‘malice’.

I suppose what really surprised me the most this episode was witnessing Holmes snap, and actually attack Enshou. This is the angriest we have ever seen him. Gone is the cool-and-collected young man. All that matters to him is apprehending Endou and turning him in to authorities.Unfortunately Endou got his fan, I wouldn’t be surprised if he were to attempt to mock him by creating a replica of it so refined that Holmes wouldn’t notice. Man that would really tilt Holmes so hard. He absolutely despises those who claim counterfeiting as an art form. But it does make me wonder if there was incident that made Holmes become so emotional about this matter.

This week it was Akihito who accompanies Holmes on his side-job. Regardless it is a nice change of pace, and it makes complete sense for Aoi not to accompany to each of these outings, since this requests are for him to deal with, nobody else. However if there’s one thing to bear in mind, Aoi watching over the shops of valuables alone is a bit… worrisome to say the least. Holmes have even spoken about his grandfather having him trained in case a dangerous individual were to try and steal something.

Truth to be told, I am a bit surprised to see Akihito as a recurring character. I honestly don’t care for the guy, but he certainly has proven useful to some extent, and is pretty sharp himself. For one, he was quick to recognize Enshou was mimicking Holmes’ character, even the way he walks! He is also probably the only character right now who can really bring up the subject of love, as he has tried to hit on Aoi last week, only to be shut down by Holmes. So it makes sense for him to follow up on asking Holmes if he were dating anyone at the moment if he were interested in Aoi. And frankly I don’t blame Holmes for being uninterested in being in any relationship at the moment. After being going through such heartbreak, and his abilities to quite litterally build a profile on person within the first meeting, and to detect lies can make it difficult to date in general. Well as long as he’s off the market, Aoi will always have a fighting chance, ohohoho. Heck, even Akihito senses there is something up. Nonetheless, I still enjoy and appreciate Aoi’s and Holmes’ friendship.

Overall this was another fairly predictable episode, (it was pretty obvious to me who the culprit was) setting the stage of the battle that will be between Holmes and Endou. Well, this should be interesting ride…


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