See everyone, I wasn’t lying, things happened! Sure they’re still slow things and we have yet to be introduced to any of the new elements featured in the opening of season three, but I’m sure we’re going to get there soon! Okay I’m going to level with you, as I sat a gaming store watching this episode I had another person wince as they asked if I liked it. People were expecting me not to enjoy the episode. But after the weirdness of the first four episodes I can’t be too mad at this. There was fighting and character development. Was it the development of characters or stories I really wanted? Well, no. There’s been an issue with this show since Season one. For some reason instead of inserting Momonga into the story, a tactic that showed us his waning humanity and allowed us to relate to the show, now we are just inserted into the story with NPCs we don’t like as much as Nazerick and told ‘enjoy!!!’ but half the time, I don’t.

So today Carne village was under attack- the Goblins do their best to hold off particular attacks and it works out pretty well for them. The main focus on the episode was Enri and Nphilia trying to hold off a troll from sandwiching the orcs. We learned some lore I’m sure we’ll see again: trolls can smell humans extremely effectively, to the point of smelling differences in humans over the smell of orcs. Nphi finally tells Enri he loves her when he almost dies, and admittedly he was very cool when he let a troll knee him in the gut and nearly kill him for love. As always, the true highlight of the episode is when Lupisregina shows up and one shots the troll in our favorite Nazerick NPC fashion.

lol u guys suck guess Ill save u

I’m tempted not to make optimistic statements right now. Watching the opening of Overlord season three is a huge foreshadowing of the amazing things to come: so many characters returning, a big war, a crazy amount of new villains – so where is that? We’re pretty much sitting here waiting for the best part of the season. I’m going crazy waiting! I’d be lying if I said what we’re currently getting is satisfying in the meantime. Even commenting on most of this feels objectively drab. Right now these are perfectly average episodes with perfectly average events and I’m bored! Frustration levels reaching maximum.

Let’s hope and dream for the real season to start soon. Ugh. I will at least remark on one interesting thing: one of the enemies in Carne seems to be undead. Could it mean there are new enemies who are masters of undead magic? It would be absolutely amazing to see something like that.


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  1. Eon_Fukkatsu

    Me thinks Ains resurrected the troll known as Gru in order to orcustrate that attack on the village in order to test the maid, but who knows.

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