I think this might be the only time where I felt a little bit of frustration. The lack of communication in this episode wasn’t really their fault though since Kotarou had his phone taken away. But I don’t want them to continue being awkward with each other in public with only side glances. I want them to actually engage in conversation, and since Akane gave the yes, we’ll get that.

But she didn’t give the yes until the end. Back at the shrine from last week, Akane wasn’t very sure. She told Kotarou to give her some time to think about her answer. And this episode was the school trip to Kyoto. There really wasn’t too much to this episode other than the kids getting to go to Kyoto, having fun, buying souvenirs, and Kotarou eagerly awaiting Akane’s answer. On the first night he texts her and tries to ask her to hang out the next day, but his friends tease him and steal his phone to see what he’s doing. Breaking free of his friend’s grasp, he grabs his phone and types a half sentence in the hallway before the male teacher grabs his phone away. This makes Akane confused as she responds but doesn’t get an answer. She goes to the bookstore he told her, but he doesn’t show up. I’m just so glad he worked up the courage to go up to Chinatsu and ask for her phone to talk to Akane. If he hadn’t done that I would have screamed. But I know what’s it like being an incredibly shy kid because I used to be one…and I still am, but now an adult. Thankfully he managed to get Akane to meet him somewhere else and that’s when he explains that his phone was taken away. Akane seems a little bothered, but mostly seems bothered that they have trouble talking to each other. And because she wants to talk to him more, she basically says yes to his question.

I hope from this point on these two will actually talk to each other normally in public. Again, Akane’s friends all think that she’s interested in Hira and of course that’s not it. So if these two start hanging out normally in school, I’m sure it’s going to surprise many people. I can see Kotarou’s friends and Chinatsu being more supportive, but the rest of Akane’s friends and the track team? Ehh, I don’t think so.

That is, if they even start talking at school in front of everyone. They might not, and might just hang out together after school or something. Still, I just want to see them interact more without their phones.


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  1. jsyschan

    Given how they’re pretty much introverts, having a medium that which they can communicate is nice, even if it is electronic. Keep in mind that they’re middle schoolers. It’ll be hard for them to change so suddenly, especially in unfamiliar territory.

    1. Berry

      Yes, while communicating through an electronic device is a great way to speak with each other, actually speaking in person I think is going to be harder on them. I get it, they’re kids, and introverts, it’s not going to be so easy to suddenly talk to each other normally. As for Kotarou’s reaction, he did say that the teacher took his phone away so he at least gave a bit of an explanation, but I don’t want him thinking it’s his fault. I’m eager to see if they’ll be able to communicate more clearly with each other.

  2. jsyschan

    Any thoughts on Kotarou’s reaction? Notice how he never made up an excuse when he finally met up with Akane. He took responsibility for it even though the circumstances were out of his hands.

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