Daaaaamn, my boy Kotarou is a straight up G! I love when the rollercoaster of screaming people went by after he confronted Hira because I was basically screaming my ass off too.

Kotarou went alpha af. He’s such a quiet and awkward boy, but he there are times where he’ll build up his courage and bravery and do something so unbelievably assertive and blunt like this, and when he confessed to Akane, that makes me love him so much.

I’ll be honest though, I think the sudden truth bomb was maybe a little harsh with Hira. The poor guy really had no clue that Akane was already dating Kota, so that scene could also be seen as a little harsh. But with how the day was going for him, Kota was probably really frustrated and like he said, got caught in the moment. I felt bad for Hira, but he handled things better than I thought.

Now, I gave my opinion on Chinatsu last week. I thought she overstepped her boundaries, but I said I didn’t hate her. This time…she got on my nerves. She invited Akane to Dome City since she had some free passes and also decided to invite Kotarou and Hira (hmmm). But then the rest of their friends caught word and decided to invite themselves. The first half was a bit of a pain to watch as Chinatsu deliberately put herself in between Kotarou and Akane, and made Hira get close to Akane. Which made the rest of the group pair them up. Roman got a little too crazy with the rollercoaster and got heatstroke (lol) and he was perceptive to already know that Kotarou and Akane were dating. He gave him the idea to have some alone time with her and wanted to help, but Kotarou took things into his own hands and went alpha. Kotarou went up to Hira and made himself clear: He’s dating Akane, and that’s that. As they walked off together, they left a shocked Hira and a heartbroken Chinatsu as she started crying while holding the picture of her and Kotarou from the rollercoaster. The zoomed out shot of Chinatsu, signifying just how alone she was, was extremely powerful. And I admit that I felt a little bad for her in that scene, but I was frustrated with her.

When she invited Hira, I got really suspicious of her. When she pushed herself to sit next to Kota on the coaster and made Hira and Akane sit together, I got even more suspicious. And the fact that she apologized to him during the fireworks “just because” proved my thoughts. The reason she had invited Hira in the first place was so that she could get Kotarou for herself, and she could dump Hira with Akane since she knows that he has a crush on her. I actually believe that she was probably trying to steal him from her, hoping that maybe Hira would confess to Akane and maybe she could get her chance? Did she really have that in mind? Why else would she invite Hira? Because she really wanted it to only be the 4 of them: Kotarou, Akane, Hira, and her. She made it seem like a double date, but we all know that she has no interest in Hira. It was obvious to see what she was trying to do, and she knows she was doing that because she apologized to him in the end. I went from being a little shaky with Chinatsu to disliking her after this. It really didn’t help that she sent Akane a text through LINE with a crying emoji that she wasn’t able to confess. Again, she’s overstepping her boundaries. Either she knows what she’s doing, or she really has no common sense. I don’t think I’m being harsh in thinking that it’s common sense to NOT get in the way of your best friend’s relationship. Akane shouldn’t have to apologize.

With my frustrations with Chinatsu, I’m so glad THAT THEY’RE RELATIONSHIP IS FINALLY PUBLIC! And they actually did something together, in public! And they had fun and it was adorable! They’re actually making progress and I couldn’t stop smiling. It finally feels like they’re really loosening up around each other, and even they were surprised after taking their selfie that it really felt like they’re really dating. They’re in an amusement park, eating food together, going on lots of rides together, talking and laughing together, just like any other normal dating couple does. They definitely deserve to be happy and have fun. Their kiss in the end getting interrupted made me scream but it was cute that they just laughed it off instead of being blushy and embarrassed. That in itself shows that they’re more comfortable together. God, they’re just so cute and I’m happy for them. I wonder how Akane’s friends are going to react to all this since they had to comfort a heartbroken Chinatsu. I hope she won’t spin a fake tale and make Kotarou and Akane the bad guys, but if they’re going to have support, Roman is right there.

Also, I haven’t talked about Roman much, mostly because he’s always on the side but I love this kid. He’s a real good friend and him getting heatstroke after going a little too crazy on the rollercoaster was hilarious, as well as his nonchalant reaction when Akane’s friends were shocked to hear about the relationship. I’d like to see more of him. What a good episode, the second half  was pretty satisfying. Now, I wonder just how much more will their relationship progress? Also, what the shit was this?

This is not romantic.

This is terrifying.


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  1. jsyschan

    Yeah, I kind of expected a reaction like this from you for this episode. If you don’t mind, I’d like to post a link to another review with some interesting comments about the episode. People were constantly trying to rationalize Chinatsu’s actions here, with some understanding and others not so much (and the final comments were pretty lengthy).

    ….yeah, thinking about it, it is hard to defend her actions. In a sense, I hope that this interaction will help her mature and grow as a person. Cause who hasn’t really done REALLY stupid things, especially at 14 and in crush mode. Ultimately, this is probably new for her, and I bet she doesn’t have an older sister to tell her that she’s crossed a line, especially since she knew what she was doing at the end. People say she’s persistent, but in a situation like this…how far can it can be considered innocent and forgive her for it? She wants to be noticed, but at her age, you really don’t think about the consequences of your actions. I mean, I guess that’s why her attitude is like that, energetic and filled with life, feeling that you’re on top of the world. All part of youth (I hate getting old). Thinking about it, I think I might have seen this behavior from another couple somewhere else in another cartoon/live action series…but I can’t remember.

    1. Berry

      Wow, me and the writer had the exact same thoughts. Interesting how people were trying to defend her, but I’m just going to disagree. I agree, I want her to mature and learn that her behavior right now is NOT okay. I won’t call her a bitch, but I don’t want to stretch the whole benefit of the doubt. Like I said, she knows what she was doing and I can’t really defend her actions by just saying that she’s a kid because while, yes, she’s a kid, she can also tell what’s right from wrong. I’m frustrated and disappointed in her since I liked her character, and I do hope that Akane will be more assertive with her. Maybe she’ll listen to her sister and cut ties with her? Because honestly I think that might be for the best.

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