We’re building up to the big finale, whatever it may be. It can go either way so I’m just going to sit back next week and kind of compile my thoughts together. This episode wasn’t too crazy or deep but there are little plot moments but was mostly a calm before the storm type of episode.

I want to say this first. I had called Satou a pedo plenty of times before, but I had actually viewed her and Shio as more of a really fucked up Rapunzel situation. You have a girl trapped “in a tower” and kept away from the outside world and Satou and is keeping her all to herself. She warns Shio about the dangers of the outside and will attack anyone trying to get into their lives. Before, I had never really thought Satou’s love for Shio was sexual. With this kiss, it makes me doubt myself now. A kiss isn’t always sexual, but I don’t know about you man but it made me uncomfortable. :/

But many things in this episode make me uncomfortable.

Like Satou’s aunt! It was amusing that Satou would come to her aunt and make her an accomplice. It was even more amusing how she told her off. We saw glimpses of Satou’s childhood with her aunt where her aunt would bring men into the apartment and Satou would run and hide. We already knew this, but it was because of her that Satou’s idea of love became so warped. Talking with her aunt, Satou tells her aunt that because she taught her the wrong kind of love she has to hold responsibility and pay her back. Which was hilariously ironic because Satou’s love is even more fucked up, but she thinks she’s “right”. Now….listen. There are people in this world that love being smacked around and gets sexual gratification from it. It’s a kink and it has a name. And if you indulge in said kink, well…okay. Fine. Not my thing, I don’t need to know about it, just do your thing. But that’s the issue! Satou didn’t need to know about it as a little girl, but her aunt was irresponsible and brought men to the house with a child around. And it shaped who Satou is now. This was probably the first time Satou approached her aunt about this subject and about her feelings, and it was strange that her aunt went along with everything. We find out that Shoko had found out about Satou’s real apartment from her aunt, and when Satou tells her that she killed someone she knew she was talking about Shoko. And because some of the men that she’s been with have also been murderers, she goes along with Satou’s plan of getting them away. Because it’s love, I guess. But she doesn’t let Satou leave without telling her that she’s still just a kid and relies on adults. But whatever, crazy Oba-san is in.

I will admit, it was hilarious when she and Shio met and Shio was so polite to her. But honestly I felt this episode to be rushed. It was very strange that Satou was able to get passports so quickly, and from the girl that’s horny for her. They bought plane tickets, burned their old clothes, basically burned every trace of them because they want to start completely anew. Everything is going according to plan and they both close off their night with that little wedding.

The only other notable thing this episode were Asahi and Mitsuboshi. Poor Asahi. 🙁 He finds out that Mitsuboshi lied to him, he’s pissed, hits him with a bat and threatens him to help him. This poor boy is completely broken now and I’m just really sad. This is what I meant when I said that I’m conflicted. Do I really want Shio to go back to her brother that’s in an awful mental state? God I don’t know. So Asahi threatens Mitsuboshi to get Satou’s address and when he does, Mitsuboshi uses this information for his own devices. But unfortunately for him the address at work was apartment 305, the aunt’s apartment. He goes inside the home only to find a smelly disgusting place, and Satou’s aunt appearing behind him. I should not find Mitsuboshi getting raped again amusing, because it’s gross and terrible, but this kid has been a dumbass since the beginning. I wonder, though, what would have happened if Asahi went there.

Like I said, I really have no idea what’s going to happen in the finale. Satou’s plan is going seemingly smoothly but anything can happen in the end to change it. I’m nervous and a little excited? I don’t know, but I’ll be kind of glad when this show finishes. @_@


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  1. zztop

    I’m guessing the finale could go anime-original, given the manga is still ongoing in the “calm before the storm” buildup to whatever climatic ending the mangaka wants to do. Or they could work off her draft notes if she has any.

    On a brighter note, anime series The Royal Tutor will be getting a new movie adaptation!

    It’s slated as a movie-original story, and introduces 2 new twin princes from another kingdom.

    1. Berry

      Yeah I see a lot of people saying that it’ll go anime only, or it could just end with a very ambiguous ending but that would just drive me crazy. If they could work off her draft notes that would be great.
      And yes I heard! Though rip me, usually movies take quite awhile. It’s not the sequel I wanted, especially since it’s an original story. Well, I wouldn’t techinically call it a sequel. At least it’s not getting the Princess Principal treatment. sobs

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