Look, I knew nothing of the big 3 prior to this episode other then what we got in the last episode. I think I love all three of them to death! Tamaki Amajiki would of taken first place in my heart and entered the contest to become my favorite character in this series if it wasn’t for the introduction of All Might’s former side kick, someone only known as “Sir.”
Did, did you just toss a amazing looking glasses character in my face and not expect my heart to jump out of my chest? I am very curious about him and he seems like he’s going to be super important to season 4, but before that. Let’s see how this season wraps up?

The big three enter the class to tell them about work study but instead of being able to talk about it, Tamaki gets socially awkward and can’t talk in front of them despite imaging all of them with potatoes for heads. Nejire just asks them a ton of questions about themselves and their quirks like a curious child and Mirio just challenges them to a fight.
So it’s all of class A minus Todoroki and Bakugo against Mirio and they lose, they lose horridly. They think it’s because he has a strong quirk, which is wrong.

His quirk in and of itself isn’t strong, in fact it has a lot of steps and handicaps. It’s how he uses it and the quick way of thinking he devised that makes him strong. He dragged himself up from being behind and made himself into the one closest to being number 1 all on his own through skill.
He takes a special interest in Midoriya from the way that he seems to be able to use quick thinking as well. Maybe not as well yet, but it’s a skill that both of them seem to share.

Work Study isn’t a go yet, the school still has a lot to go through it get it authorized for first year students. Still, they need to start looking into where they could go and who they can rely on. In this work study, they’ll be close to Pro’s, basically sidekicks. Rather then just observing as guests like in the internships.
That’s where ‘Sir’ comes in. Though Deku hasn’t met him yet, the episode gives us a preview of him.

As well as showing us Overhaul, the villian with the plague doctor mask meeting with Shigaraki and the rest of the League of Villains. The pieces have all come together, the future of the heroes and the future of the villains. The Successor to the symbol of peace and the villian that was cut free from his master.
We end the episode with a sign saying “To be continued in season 4.” and while it doesn’t list a date, one can only assume that it will perhaps air in Spring or Summer of next year? That seems to be the general release time of the MHA seasons.
We didn’t get a ton, but we get some small things to wet our appetites and I am just, I am screaming. I’m SO hype! I can’t WAIT for season 4!

I want to know more about ‘Sir’, I want to see the big 3 more, I want to get to know Overhaul, I want to see what Himiko is going to do with Midoriya’s blood. AAAHHHH.

Midnight’s Final Thoughts

Season 3 of MHA had a lot going on in it. The most impactful thing in all of it though was the retirement of All Might and what that meant for the world. That’s really set the tone for everything going forward, that’s why the provisional licence exam came as soon as it did for class A.
The world needs more heroes, it needs a new symbol of peace. In the movie [which I also saw today, but that’s for another post] they say that because of All Might, Japan’s crime rate is about 6% compared to other countries where the crime rate hovers at about 20%. With All Might out of the picture, the Japanese crime rate could spike to mirror that of other countries or even get worse if the villains truly think they won’t be contested by any of the Pro heroes.
Which is what leads us to where the series is headed!

It was fantastic, the overall presentation of season 3 was wonderful. It had a lot of deeply emotional moments, amazing fights and I have to stop and talk about the animation at certain points. In particular, the fight in episode four! I just, cannot express how amazing the work on that episode was, it’s the standard I am beginning to judge all anime fight scenes against!
A shout out to the fight between All Might and All for One as well, both of these fights were amazing to behold and the animation team did a great job bringing them to life. My watch partner is a manga reader, who it’s fun to hear him react to seeing these scenes and screaming at how wonderful they look in motion or commenting when a frame of animation brings a particular scene to justice.

Of course, we got the introduction of a few great characters in this season as well. The big 3, though we haven’t seen them for long they left an impact for sure.
The Kota and the Pussycats, while they are missing from things after the rescue Bakugo arc I am sure it’s not the last we’re going to see of them.
Most important of all though is All For One. He was mentioned in season 2, but this is when we saw him and saw what he can do. He is terrifying, he seems more like a force or a concept then a person. Because even after he is in jail, his ideals and his power and influence live on in Shigaraki and the rest of the League of Villains. I can’t talk about All for One without talking about his theme, which is actually my favorite track in any anime soundtrack now.

Episodes 1 and 20 were filler, I suppose no long running shonen can be perfect. First we get the semi-flashback pool episode at the beginning of the season and then the episode meant to promote the movie near the end. Still, compared to the amount of filler we see in a long of long running series, two episodes in the third season isn’t too bad. Can you believe this wrapped up on episode 63? I can hardly believe i’ve been watching that long! It doesn’t feel like it!
I kept jumping up every Saturday going “Time to watch MHA” with a smile and I hope that feeling will keep going. I am so very hyped for season 4, hope to review it and see you guys there!