So this week I went in with the mentality that last two episodes didn’t happen. When I separated the two, it really put me more at ease. I also decided to adjust my perspective a bit, as it looks like Risutor going around handing out these ‘cursed’ (for the lack of a better word) business cards, is his way of planting seeds that will cause a lot of problems later on. I think one of the most important things I have come to terms with coming into this week, was shifting who I perceive as the villain. I am a bit surprised that we didn’t see George today, only because I was hoping we would get some clarification of what really became of him. While I don’t think they will completely write him off now that the special had took place, but I am wondering if he role has been officially demoted, unless Risutor will play the key role of baiting people back into the dark side, as he did with Daigan, and Henry (who has been MIA since). The guy hasn’t really down much but quietly work behind the scenes. The only time he really confronted the precures was when he was trying to lure Henri to the dark side. He will be putting himself on the front-line again when he targets Harry and probably Hugtan in the next episode, but I don’t think– or at least hope, this event won’t be the last of him.

I wasn’t expecting to see them kick off Harry’s backstory in this episode, and I am so glad they did because this is the only thing I care about at this point. I have long given up on the characters and their developments and the villains. So I am really excited and inedibly relieved to see the next episode will be digging into that with Risutor bringing Harry back to the world that was taken away from him. Finally, after so long, it looks like they are diving into it. This is why I hesitated about dropping this show last week, and for that reason, I am glad I didn’t.

My heart ached for Harry so much when he hugged Hugtan closer, with the thoughts of wishing he could see her again. When her ‘Ghost’ appeared at the end, man that hit me right in the feels. You can see just how much he loves her. I hope for Harry’s sake they will be able to restore her to her original form, or else if they can’t, this will be quite a tragic outcome for a series full of hopes and dreams.

I was also pleasantly surprised with how Hana isn’t as oblivious as she has been in the past. She caught Harry looking down, and knew something was off with the way he was hugging Hugtan. While she doesn’t understand romance and love very much, she could at lease sense he was forcing himself to smile. I am glad she approached him without prying him to open up to her, and even asked in consideration if he just put up with it, something she has learned from her previous experience of when she was trying to forcefully get Lulu involved in everything. The scene did a great job of showing how much Hana has grown since the beginning of the series.

And I don’t know about you, but this episode, I found Hana to be the most beautiful, and probably the most grown-up she has ever been. There was an air of maturity that wasn’t there before, and it’s a good feeling.

But I do want to quickly say one thing that really surprised me this episode, and that is how nobody seems to be giving Hana the credit that is due when it comes to her ability to draw. We have seen her sketchbook/notebook filled with doodles and drawings of who she wishes to be, and I always though it was charming. But this time we really saw her artistic ability when she made the poster for Halloween Festival, and I wished someone had at least acknowledged how amazing it looked, rather than just criticize it for being too creepy. (That said, it was hysterical and adorable how much it freaked Hugtan out).

After two weeks of a shitstorm special I am better off pretending didn’t happen, this was a good way to bounce back. I enjoyed the episode from start to finish! I especially love how they were able to make this episode plot-related when they could have easily turned it into yet another filler. I thought it was beautifully done, and brought out a lot feelings that you don’t common associate with Halloween.

However that’s not to say this series isn’t on a knife edge when it comes to my decision of continuing my coverage on it. Right now, yes, after this episode and seeing what we’re in store for the next, I am still invested enough to see where this is going to go. But from here on out, it will be essential for them to completely dedicate themselves to the plot. No more filler episodes, no more nonsense, just focus on the story, particularly Hugtan’s and Harry’s background, (which they seem to be finally getting into), and then I think we can make it to the finish line. Only then we will be able to discuss whether or not they have done enough to truly salvage this series. But if there’s one question that is pressing on everyone’s minds, is probably whether or not the crossover feature will happen again. Personally, I see no merits for it, especially when they have done such a poor job to even properly establish it. So I for one, hope we won’t see this again, but if it happens, well there’s nothing I can do about it but just suck it up and accept that’s just how it will be.

PSA: There will no episode next week!!! It will resume on November 10th!


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  1. il-Palazzo

    I’ll forgive them the terrible crossover if they have Harry and Risutor duke it out in hamster form next episode.

  2. elior1

    after last week I came with low hopes but it was actually pretty good episode

  3. DaRiUs

    I said the exact same thing about no more filler episodes. They have waaayyy to many loose ends to tie up, seeing as were in the last stretches of the show. U got all the girls future endeavors, including the love triangle that is Homare and Harry, Henry possibly joining Criasu and his implied relationship with Masato. We still have Gelos and Bishin’s fates to go through. Listol (who I’m assuming will be the main villian) and George possibly having a change of heart. The girls still got to get their new attack with those bracelets (I’ve seen the footage from the toy version of the memorial cure clock). And ofcourse their about to tackle Harry’s back story and hopefully Hugtan is somewhere around the corner. And that’s all the stuff I can think of, I’m sure there’s more they need to do. But with 12 or less episodes left, hopefully it doesn’t feel rushed.
    As for crossover appearances happening again. I think their done (it’s obvious that was done just to promote the movie), unless they have visions of the other cures during the finale but I doubt they’ll be making an appearance again. But the girls thinking of the bonds they’ve made, I could see visions of the other cures…it’s obvious this series is about making memories and preserving them, so I could see that.
    But I’m most interested in learning about Hugtan’s backstory. I really do think she was the girl that calmed Harry’s monster form, set him free, the same girl that was in Hanna’s dream when she was holding Hugtan, and the same girl Harry fell in love with and is still holding on to in his heart from that digital episode, and is the original owner of the mirai crystal white who used it’s powers to travel back in time and got changed into a baby because of it. And it’s no coincidence that Hugtan wanted to be a precure for Halloween because she was one, that’s why Harry had that vision of her cure form at the end. The outfit even looked the same as the one they made her. So I can’t wait till all that is revealed. I just hope that if Harry truly is in love with her, Homare isn’t to hurt.

  4. Williukea

    The crossover was meant to promote the anniversary movie, and the only other time we’ll see crossovers is in the final episode where new series’ lead Cure appears as a guest, which has been a tradition for the last 2 seasons already. I hope they don’t make any more crossover movies in future except for All Stars movies early in series
    I felt that the last All Stars movie was more of a Hugtto movie (I haven’t seen it yet, but saw the previews), with Hana and Clover being big focus, so they made this Hugtto movie to be All Stars movie instead… I wish they actually made the last movie being All Stars movie, and this Fall movie being focused on Hugtto team and Hana/Clover’s relationship or whatever they share
    If they don’t turn Hugtan back to normal, I just hope she will be growing up as a normal baby and will return to normal in 14 or so years ~~with Harry and Homare raising her as their baby~~
    Also I feel like Hana being a witch was a nod to Ojamajo Doremi’s Hana-chan…

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