Satsuriku no Tenshi – Episode 13 [I’m Not Your God]

Welcome back after a one week show hiatus! The episode opens with Zack learning that Rachel killed her parents and sewed their bodies together. It also appears that Danny was the psychiatrist Rachel saw after police intervened and took her away from the crime scene, her family home.

Rachel shares with Danny the day that she found an abandoned puppy in an alley behind her home. When she arrived home to ask her parents if she could have it, she walks in on her parents having a huge fight. Her mother is resentful and her father is a police officer who is having some issues with alcohol. He’s also physically abusive with his wife.

Rachel continues to try to ask her parents if she can have the puppy but her parents continue their fight in front of her. Rachel’s mother openly admits that she’s miserable and that her husband has “torn their family apart” with his drinking and his treatment of them. She laughs maniacally even as she’s knocked to the floor by his fist, and Rachel’s father continues to hit his wife as she’s laughing at him. Never once does Rachel get upset, cry, or yell for them to stop. She literally just wants to ask them about the puppy.

This scene was a little disturbing to watch. As viewers we would expect the parents to be mindful of their child, to at the very least not fight in front of their child, let alone scream at and hit each other. Their behaviour in front of Rachel leads me to think that this was “normal” for their family, that this was something the parents did often enough that Rachel wasn’t bothered by it. And then Rachel’s behaviour was also unnerving to watch. She’s old enough to realize that having a puppy in that kind of abusive home wouldn’t be safe for the puppy, and also that she doesn’t react to her parents fighting in front of her, or even to just her father yelling at her. She’s repressed her emotions as a coping mechanism, I’d imagine, leading to her typical “dead doll” demeanor that we’ve been seeing all season.

Anyways, after the fight with Rachel’s father, Rachel’s mother (who has basically snapped at this point) walks over to a dresser and implies that there’s something inside that will “fix” Rachel’s father. Rachel follows and tries to ask again about the puppy but is instead rewarded with a slap to her face for not listening to her mother’s request that she be quiet. Rachel also has to deal with the mental burden of her mother telling her that she hates her, and that she can’t leave the family home because of her. This behaviour is so mentally and psychologically abusive that it makes me a little sick, honestly. No child deserves to hear that from their parent even if it’s true. Rachel’s mother needs to get her shit together for the sake of her daughter, not blame her daughter for her (their) problems. >:/

Rachel recalls for Danny that afterwards she went outside to see the puppy again, but when she tried to pet it, it bit her. Rachel blacks out after that and only remembers being back in her room “fixing” the puppy. So she killed the poor animal, repressed its death, then brought it home so she could sew it up and keep it with her.

By this point her parents have caught on that Rachel brought the dead puppy home, and that something is clearly not right with their daughter. They start to fight about Rachel, then about each other. Rachel’s father gets a knife and begins stabbing her mother, and that’s when Rachel walks in on them.

Like a zombie movie gone bad, Rachel’s dad slowly advances towards her with the bloody knife as she runs away from him. She saw him kill his wife, so he’s going to kill her too. He has no attachment to his family, to nothing in the house. Rachel runs to her room and locks the door, but her father breaks through it fairly easily. Rachel grabs the box with the dead puppy inside and is forced up against the wall as her father gets closer.

Before her father can stab her too, Rachel pulls out her mother’s handgun from her purse; I assume this is what her mother had hidden in the dresser downstairs. She asks her father to be part of her “perfect family”, then shoots him five times. Afterwards she stiches her parents’ bodies together, replacing her father’s arm with a fake “stuffed” one and stitching her mother’s face up into a smile. Which is gross, and reminds me of something Heath Ledger’s Joker might do. Blech.

Before ending the interview Danny asks Rachel about a small animal she’d been caring for at the orphanage she’d been placed at after her parents’ deaths, and Rachel confirms that she killed it because she couldn’t “make it her own.”

The footage Zack had been watching on an old TV ends when Zack smashes the TV with his scythe. He kicks open the door of the room where Rachel is, and Danny is with her too.

Zack confronts Rachel about whether she is an angel of death like he and Danny are. This is an idea that honestly never crossed my mind. I had assumed all along that Rachel was not part of this twisted dungeon, that she was an outsider who had been brought in for some unknown reason. But what if she’s like all the others she’s met, because she killed her father and some animals?  Does that really merit getting her own floor in this twisted game?

Danny reveals that the priest Abraham had made Rachel B1’s resident angel of death at his request, but Rachel had a mental breakdown because of a bible on her floor. Rachel explains to Danny that she only wanted things she could keep “perfect” on her floor, and she lost her mind because the bible told her that she could never be forgiven for what she did. According to her newfound faith, Rachel herself was imperfect.

Zack tells Rachel that he won’t be her God anymore and Rachel slips a little closer to the edge of insanity. She pulls her gun on Zack and tells him that she wants a God for herself. Like the puppy and other animals from her past, Rachel will kill anything she can’t have so she can possess it utterly and completely as “hers.”

Rachel runs out of the room and Zack chases after her. Along the way he gets electrocuted in a bathroom, nearly blown up when Rachel sets fire to a gas stream in the kitchen, and almost squished by a swinging wrecking ball. Zack chases her into what looks like a bedroom only to see that this Rachel was just an illusion all along.

Zack finds the real Rachel in another room, but unfortunately he’s so focused on her that his lowered guard allows Danny to sneak up behind him and pull a loaded gun on him. Rachel pulls her own gun on Zack as well as Danny coaches her to kill the guy who had been her friend up until this point. The episode ends with Rachel firing her gun, but who did she hit?

(Calling it now, she killed Danny. Fuck that creepy eye-obsessed monster who’s lusting after a kid.)

My thoughts on this episode are mainly that I just want Danny to die. He’s weird and creepy and I don’t like how he’s always going on about Rachel and her dead eyes. There were some surprises, ie Rachel being an angel of death herself, and Danny wanting to possess Rache’s eyes because they look like his dead mother’s, and I’m looking forward to seeing what else is revealed in next week’s episode.


One thought on “Satsuriku no Tenshi – Episode 13 [I’m Not Your God]”

  1. Yep. Danny creeps me out for each second passed in this episode. The anime truly did a good job of making him a great villain to be hated. Watching him like this made me have a hard time believing that he is the same person as he is quite cool in the manga prequel, Episode.0.

    This is not a bad episode, though I was quite disappointed that the anime, again, simplified and changed a few things. First when Zack confronted Ray at the kitchen, in the game and novel he was supposed to be blown away (he is injured but still alive) when Ray sets fire on the gas steam and then got chased by a rock boulder (Zack’s reaction afterwards was funny) instead of almost got hit by a swinging wreck ball. Also, throughout this confrontations, Ray’s expression remains emotionless whereas in both game and novel she’s smiling in desperation, which clearly shows how close she’s falling into insanity.

    About when Zack confronts Ray in her bedroom, she’s not an illusion. Ray was truly there pointing her gun at Zack. She shot the lights (the fake moon on the window) to make the whole room all dark, blinding Zack’s vision, and then escaped back to the living room.

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