Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS Episode 72

For an episode that started off on a very boring note, (as expected, since none of us were excited for this duel to begin with), it felt like it ended too soon. I had to go back to figure it out when it started getting interesting, and for me it was more around sixteen minutes into the episode, because that’s when they finally shook things up. Maybe that’s why it felt so short…

Both Yuusaku and Ai understood they were in a disadvantageous position if Bohman were to start second, and he did, smudgily so. In anticipation of what’s about to be hurled at them, it was all about building the defences, which ended up paying off because it managed to hold as long as they needed it to, at least for the first brunt of the attacks. It only started to get exciting and terribly nerve-wracking when Ai starting acting anxious and hasty because of a voice inside him telling him that if they don’t finish Bohman now, they are doomed. Seeing Ai be so caught up in his flurry of emotions, anger, betrayal, and devastation, it made me nervous. I was concerned about Ai being too hasty about insisting they need to end it at now, and was scared about the voice he has been hearing every now and then during a duel. Since Yuusaku wasn’t particularly worried about it, and decided to trust Ai’s gut, and go for it. We later learn this voice, is Ai’s ‘instinct’, or a least a survival instinct if you will. This is what makes him unique among the the Ignis, because as of right now, he is the only one who has this ability. I am sure in due time we will earn whether or not Aqua, Earth and Flame possess the ‘instinct’ ability as well, or perhaps they have a different quality that will make them unique each in their own way.

I do find it rather funny how Bohman claims Ai’s instincts is what will result their defeat. (And poor Ai, he doesn’t understand it at all! “Instinct’s, what’s that????” is written all over his face!) Sure, while it was certainly a hasty and a high risk move considering they threw every they had at him at that very moment in attempt to finish him, I don’t think it really changes the potential of outcome. The fact they weren’t able to finish him still puts them through Bohman’s next move, and it was still going to be a more dangerous one they will need to endure. At the end of the day it all comes down to whether or not they can avoid being knocked out within the next turn or two. Meanwhile, on the flip-side of things, contrary to what Bohman says, all it’s doing is proving Ai’s instinct to be on point. The Bohman they are facing today is not like his previous two ‘editions’. He has been patched up so he is comfortably playing his role in his own skin. This is really the first time we see Bohman be his own character, with a rather stable mind at the moment, and it’s actually quite eerie to say the least. But it certainly does raise the question of how did Bohman go from an ‘AI’ Lightning made that was said to have contributed to the Cyberse World’s destruction, and then became this distraught state of mind, where he doesn’t know who he is, or thinks he is someone else. It’s these kinds of inconsistencies in his background that makes it quite difficult to be sure whether or not he everything he is saying is the whole truth, partial truth or a yet another lie.

This card is now a symbol of their trust!

This week’s episode highlighted Yuusaku’s and Ai’s growth in their relationship, and trust in one another in two instances. The first was when Yuusaku comforted Ai, trying to give him words of hope and calm him down (I CAN’T GET OVER HOW CUTE HIS SMILE IS, IT’S SO PRECIOUS). The other was when he decided despite how high the stakes her, he was going to have faith in Ai’s suggestion to go big or go home. Indeed it wasn’t quite Yuusaku’s style, who has always been the more cautious and calculative type of duelist, not looking to rush in head first. Ai however saw the opportunity for them to finish Bohman, by betting on Suspend Wand. The choice really had me at the edge of my seat because I just knew there was no way in hell this duel was going to end today. I had so many mixed emotions because there was a part of me that was terrified of it backfiring on them, and the other who was super excited to both Haru and Bohman freaking out over Yuusaku’s unexpected move.

Also can I we take a moment to appreciate how adorable it was to see Ai and Yuusaku be in total sync? Haha, I love it!

Next week, everybody’s getting a power-up! I suppose you could say it’s about “due time” for Storm Access to get an upgrade, but I am curious to see how different “Neo Storm Access” will be, and how this changes the tools provided to them. I suppose this may be Ai’s evolution, as the Ignis species are always rapidly evolving, and right now, with emotions running high, Ai is desperate, and perhaps this event will give us more insight on Ai’s hidden potential with his Instinct ability in hand. Either way, this duel is starting to get a bit more interesting.

Here’s a Yuusaku Smile to brighten up your day!

7 thoughts on “Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS Episode 72

  1. lightning said that bohman still not 100% perfect right now so it possible during his previous duals he was at weak state

  2. Yeah, the beginning of the episode was a bit boring to me since this is the third time Playmaker is facing off against Bohman. Playmaker and Ai’s relationship has developed well since the beginning of the series. At first, Playmaker didn’t consider Ai a friend and now he refers to the both of them when he talks about the Speed Duel between him and Revolver during the Tower of Hanoi incident. That pep talk Playmaker was giving to Ai really reminded me of when Ai did the same for Playmaker when it seemed like the situation was hopeless in episode 45. I was so touched by that! And my heart melts whenever I see Yusaku smile because of just how rare it is to see him smile like that. Playmaker really has grown to trust his Ignis partner if he was willing to use a strategy that charges in head-first. I feel like both Yusaku and Ai have matured as characters as a result of their time together. This was the first time we’ve seen Ai so serious and step out of his joking tendencies to focus on the situation at hand. He’s actually pretty intelligent than he gives out if he remembered what Judgement Arrows and gave a warning to look out of it. Out of all the Ignis, I feel like Ai is the most human-like if he has the ability to feel instincts. I guess my suspicions proved true that Ai has hidden powers and that Lightning wanted to take advantage of them by trying to persuade him to join the Ignis side in a suave manner.
    Anyway, the next episode is also going to prove very exciting! I can’t wait to find out which monster is the Cyberse Tuner monster and of course, Cyberse Quantum Dragon. Linkuriboh’s going to be in the episode. You know, I felt kinda sorry for the angry-eyed Linkuriboh stumbling around like them. Although I do believe that that evil looking Linkuriboh was probably not the real one and that the real one was with Playmaker the entire time. I mean, those sweet cute blue eyes are what make Linkuriboh so adorable! Plus it is Ai’s pet Cyberse monster too!

    1. Well said! It took a long time to get to this point, but I think it was definitely worth the wait. It’s rewarding to see how far they have come, and how much both of them have grown both together and as individuals. As much as I love Ai’s dorky side, I’m loving this side of him that’s full of conviction, determination and showing everyone that he isn’t as dumb as he makes out to be.
      Ai instinct is definitely something Lightning would rather have working with him than against him, but it also makes you wonder what other secrets does he hold? Ai has always been a mysterious one as who hasn’t really ever showed off his true potential. But with so much at stake, it seems Ai will be undergoing some major evolutions of his own, and along with discovering things about himself he didn’t understand or notice before. It’s going to make a very interesting parallel to compare between his evolution, and Lightning’s.

  3. I feel like the Bohman duels are making Playmaker and Ai bond a lot closer. The atmosphere is a lot different from their previous two duels. Their first duel was a bit dysfunctional because Yusaku was busy chasing after Bohman after he took Jin’s consciousness. Their second duel made Ai hesitate because he wasn’t sure if he was able to trust Yusaku or Bohman’s words. This duel probably solidified their bond. They’re a lot closer and they trust each other completely now. Yusaku’s smile probably sealed the deal. Ai is also resolute with his newfound quest to stop Lightning and have the ability to change the future–whether it be the world’s or their own.
    I know they’re going to win because it shows that coexistence does have an effect on the Ignis and it’s a positive one. Ai’s newly developed instincts are definitely going to be Lightning’s downfall.

    1. This is probably why Lightning really wants Ai to be on his side. He’s too valuable to simply erase altogether.

  4. If Playmaker didn’t go for the win, Bowman would certainly not go for the comeback because of 2 reasons (not 3 reasons mind you):
    – Bowman can use storm access. Knowing that skill always gives OP cards, Playmaker is going to be in trouble. If he didn’t, Bowman’s LP would be higher than 1000 LP.
    – Those property counters has got to do something in the next episode. If he didn’t go for the win, Bowman would have gotten 1 property counter instead of 3.
    2. This is actually a good episode because like what you had said, Yusaku has grown to trust AI. Although it didn’t work out in the end and will backfire, he doesn’t blame AI for it.
    3. Yusaku got sick and tired of people using his skill. So he went to make his skill unique: NEO STORM ACCESS.

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