Yagate Kimi ni Naru Episode 5: The Problem with Choices

Maybe it was Tsuki ga Kirei that raised all my expectations of romance anime to exponential levels, but I’m slowly getting a little bored of Yagate Kimi ni Naru. I had hoped by this episode that the show would move along much faster but we got another extremely slow paced episode. Some progress was made, while no progress was made at the same time.

The progress I can see is that Koito and Nanami are getting closer. Just…inching, bit by bit. Nothing of importance happens this episode because right now students are preparing for midterms and Koito begins studying early. One thing that interested me was Koyomi and her novel, though I don’t know how important that’ll be to the main plot. I’d kinda like to know more about Koito’s friends, but I feel like it’ll also be like Tsuki ga Kirei in that the friends will be unimportant for the most part.

We all know Koito is in super DENIAL mode. She gets annoyed that Maki keeps bugging her about her being in a relationship with Nanami, and he’s very much into progressing it further. I had doubts about this guy but I guess I was wrong. He really just wants to watch this show unfold, and he finds Koito’s attitude in all this amusing and entertaining. It’s kind of hilarious. Anyway, Koito comes up with many things to make it seem like she doesn’t think of Nanami romantically. On the outside with her nonchalant attitude, it really does seem that way. On the inside, she keeps telling herself the reason why she’s so close with Nanami is that she’s worried because she’s really just a fragile person and she wants to help her out. That she’s a good-natured person at heart, and that she would do it for anyone, that Nanami isn’t a special case. And it makes me wonder if Koito would? I can’t really pinpoint what kind of person she is. She is a nice person, that we know, but she’s kind of blunt and maybe a little reserved. It’s the fifth episode and I can’t really say what kind of person Koito is, which is kind of concerning. Or maybe that’s just me. But I think maybe it’s because Koito has been really passive in all this? The only time I can say that she took some initiative was during the student council campaign speech where she added her own words. Other than that, Koito has kind of been just going with the flow, doing what others tell her to. I think I’d really like it if she took more of an active stance in the anime.

Like I said, she’s still in denial but things seem to be shifting (ever so slowly) to where maybe she might recognize what her true feelings are, as she hugged the planetarium. Koito muses to herself that she’d be sad if her feelings for Nanami never changed, and hopes that her heart will change and decide for her. But, like I said, I want Koito to be active and not “let her heart decide for her”, which is how I understood it.

Nanami is the same Nanami. She helps tutor Koito every day for midterms and when the library was too full, Koito suggests studying at her place. Nanami gets flustered and is visibly uncomfortable and embarrassed being in Koito’s room. She gets to meet Koito’s family and gets to know her better, like her older sister, her sister’s boyfriend, and just family life and it makes her happy as Koito doesn’t talk about herself much. She gets on her sister’s good side and gets the recipe for the cheesecake that Koito enjoys so much, making herself obvious. I hate sounding like a broken record, but I still wonder why Nanami fell in love with Koito so quickly. I bet she likes her because she can be herself around her and rely on someone, while liking that bold attitude of hers. I’m just ready for this relationship to progress because we’re getting to the halfway point, and personally I think the show is a little too slow right now. Again, I hope things speed up a little.


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7 Responses

  1. Sledge says:

    “I’m slowly getting a little bored of Yagate Kimi ni Naru.”

    You can always drop this show or quit writing about it and spend your time on something more productive. Once a show feels like a chore to watch, I can only guess that it’ll feel like an unnecessary obligation.

    • Berry says:

      It’s not like I hate it or anything. I still like the show and I’m still interested in blogging about it and watching it, but it’s been a little hard writing the weekly reviews because of the lack of content. I’m still looking forward to what happens next, but just wish the show would progress more. I’ve definitely felt certain shows being a chore to watch, which is why I’ve dropped those but I don’t feel that way about Yagate Kimi ni Naru. I don’t mean to sound negative (which is why I said I didn’t want to sound like a broken record) but it’s just a fair criticism.

  2. McL says:

    Sorry to hear your finding the going of this show to be slow.

    Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara is even slower than this show with characters that aren’t really compelling apart form “granny” Kohaku. It has remarkable presentation however. It has a magical charm to it. I also think it has the best opening and ending this season.

    Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai on the other hand has been really entertaining to watch. It is perhaps the most entertaining anime of this season. The communication between the main characters are a blast to watch. It reminds me of older animes from a different era like Kanon, Clannad, Angel Beats and so forth. That said, the conflict is based in pseudoscience and thus isn’t really relatable for me.

    This is where Yagate Kimi ni Naru comes in. It is very relatable for me. Not in the homosexual kind, but in how Nanami is totally in love with Yuu, and how Yuu is letting Nanami become intimate with her, even sexual at times despite the absence of reciprocal feelings towards Nanami. I don’t find it slow. I find it relatable, heck even realistic.

    • Berry says:

      Funny, even though I know that Irozuku is even slower, I find it more compelling and interesting and so fun to watch. The character chemistry in that show is great, especially now that Kohaku got introduced. Bunny Girl is another great show. And another show with great character chemistry is Run With the Wind, which is one of my favorites this season.

      I do find this show realistic, even though I’ve failed at mentioning it. I’ve seen many people say that they relate to Yuu (those that are homosexual) because they also dealt with the same weird, awkward, and conflicting emotions. Yuu keeps repeating that she doesn’t see Nanami in a romantic way and that she’s only there for her because she sees her as a friend and wants to protect her fragility. But she’s really just denying what she’s really feeling, probably because she doesn’t understand it or never even thought she would ever be attracted to a female. The show itself is very realistic, so I agree with you there! I just want a little more progress, and like I mentioned, I hope Yuu is a little more active and we can really get more of her thoughts as she slowly comes to terms with her feelings.

  3. Gray Horned OWL says:

    I’m watching six shows this packed season and this is my fav since it is incredibly rare to have an “innocent” yuri anime. I mean, when was the last time something like this within it’s genre was released?

    • Berry says:

      Oh for sure. I’ve been dying to see an “innocent” yuri anime which is why this show caught my eye from the beginning, on top of the pretty visuals. That’s why I really want to like this show, and so far I do (I swear!)

  4. jsyschan says:

    …Tsuki Ga Kirei really ruined my expectations of romance in anime and life in a good way by raising the bar higher. In some sense, it feels like it’s the gold standard of what romance should be. (Prove me wrong if there’s a better tale out there).

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