Roselia fans, this episode is for you! The OP was Roselia, the ED was Roselia, we saw Roselia’s show and their performance of BLACK SHOUT and it was pretty fantastic. And of course we had some Popipa thrown in because, duh. But this episode made me think that the other bands really are getting shafted. We only saw Kokoro and Hagumi in the background, with no Afterglow or Pasupare in sight. But, I’ll still remain hopeful.

BRAVE JEWEL is a really great song and I especially love the visuals, the start of the chorus with Sayo’s guitar and the blue flames is my favorite part. Safe and Sound is another great song and I like the aesthetic shots. Just…Roselia is just too good. I also really like Kizuna Music waaay more than Tokimeki Experience, and the photographs of Popipa is very fitting of how close they all are. It’s fun, cute, and sparkly, so I can’t wait to hear Jumpin’ when that plays maybe next episode (not a fan of Sing Girls).

I didn’t think we’d get Roselia’s show so soon so the plot being about Popipa and Roselia’s rivalry may not totally be a thing. Instead, I think it’s going to be mostly about Popipa and their growth into a more experienced band as their eyes were opened wide after the show. Kasumi had announced their own self-sponsored show but really they don’t have an idea how it works. During their student council meeting, Arisa notices Sayo and Rinko yawning from the lack of sleep preparing for their show. Sayo lists out all the things that they had to do before the show and what they would have to do during the show as well, and it was a HUGE list. Arisa tried her best taking notes but it was just too much. Noticing this, Rinko asks Arisa whether Poppin’ Party would like to perform in their show along with the other guest bands. At CiRCLE, they ask all of Roselia and Yukina accepts them. But she has a sharp eye this whole time, but she does like them. She admits that they’re not the most experienced band but if that was all she cared about, she never would have said yes. Either way, with that acceptance Popipa gets started on rehearsing as much as they can.

The day of the show rolls around and it was pretty funny seeing Popipa walk in to a room of dead Roselia members. Tae as always thinks there was a murder behind closed doors so I love that some Garupa Pico type humor is still here. But Tae is her usual self. Though speaking of personalities, I feel like the personalities of some of the girls are a little different from how they are in the game. I just find it surprising that Rinko would be the one to invite Poppin’ Party to their show and for them all to agree to it so easily. Roselia isn’t usually on the same page about everything so I thought there would be some conflict among them about having them join, but it was easier than I thought. Especially with Sayo, who is always looking at things through a serious lens.

People may think that Yukina was being harsh this episode but telling Poppin’ Party that they’re not fit to put on a self-sponsored show is something I agree with. We already saw how immature and inexperienced they were just with Kasumi’s idea of them flying on stage. Kasumi just announced their show, even though they never planned on it and they have no idea of all the planning they would have to do until Arisa found out through Sayo. And even then, they saw just how professional and serious Roselia really is, what with preparing the mood of their stage, their electrifying performance and that horde of goth fans. It really showed how small they are and even set in some self doubt among them. Yukina very bluntly tells them that they’re in over their heads, and knowing how Popipa is, I totally agree. They’re too laid back, they go with the flow, and mostly because of Kasumi they always act before they think because since Kasumi is the leader and usually makes decisions, that’s just how they are. And maybe they’ll learn that they can’t be like this all the time or they’re going to screw themselves over. Right now, they’ve already bit off more than they can chew and I couldn’t help but laugh when Arisa said that she and Saya would have to handle all the tough things, because it’s true.

We got another certain girl with cat-ear headphones, and fans of the game and Raise a SUILEN will know who she is. Looks like we might see this band form this season, which again makes me really think that Afterglow, Pastel*Palettes, and Hello Happy World are going to get shafted to make room for the other three bands. Dammit. And so far, I’m not totally feeling Rokka’s character. She’s a little too shy and loud for my own taste.

This was a pretty good episode, though, and I loved the BLACK SHOUT performance. It’s fun seeing Yukina perform on stage as she’s a lot more animated. She really does have a presence and she’s even cooler. And I love Lisa going all out on the bass, I love her so much! Go, Lisa!

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