As cute as this show is, I’m not sure how I felt about its first episode. One thing I will say is that as I watched Princess Yuki walk to the microphone to do her little speech in front of a roaring crowd full of penlights (for a princess?), in that dress of hers, she reminded me of Nico and I literally thought she was about to sing for everyone. Yuki even looks like Nico, with the black hair in twintails and her eye color. Maybe I just miss my doses of Nico Nico Niis. does the nico nico nii sadly

This episode was a little weird. I felt like nothing happened, and yet there was still a lot. They really packed in a lot of info about Yuki and their world, and the politics between their kingdom and their neighbor’s. Princess Yuki is a twelve year old girl who is going to assume the royal duties of her late parents. Her age shows as she is totally overwhelmed with her royal duties and has no real plan in bettering her country and bettering the relationship with the Empire of Grandiga, she just wants to send gifts to them and make everyone smile. Just from that, I knew this was going to turn a little ugly but we haven’t gotten to the ugly just yet, only seen a glimpse of it at the end. I like Yuki and she’s adorable, but she’s really immature and ignorant and I don’t think she’s fit to lead her country. Though I can’t say I totally blame her. She’s a young princess and her parents did everything, she never had to lead anyone or anything, and she didn’t totally have to leave the city either. And…she’s just a kid. She says she grown up, but she’s just a baby to be honest. :/

With her is her tutor Layla, the typical apathetic beauty, and her aide and longtime friend Joshua. I’m not too big a fan of Joshua right now, he seems fine but his call for “battle” against the twins was pretty unnecessary. Unnecessary because they were ordered to test Yuki’s will so Joshua should have gotten mad at their leader not them, and Yuki wasn’t even mad about getting talked back to during the meeting! Get your head out your ass, Joshua. :/

I’m not a mecha fan but I thought the simulator thing they did looked pretty cool. Like I said, the match was unnecessary but it was a good way to show off the mechas and how battles will look in the future. Though I found it hilarious that Joshua wanted to have a 2v1 battle, but said nothing at all when Yuki started helping him, and Yuki just not caring at all. So it did end as a 2v2. Where did that pride go, Joshua? HMM?

Another point of interest I guess is the world. They mentioned so many things and terms that I honestly forgot most of them, but what I do remember is that there are energy source things calls “chrars” and Yuki’s parents wanted to use them to their fullest potential in order to aid their country, but ironically that’s what killed them. I don’t know what that means, maybe we’ll get an explanation later about that. Then there’s the problem with their neighbors, with a bad battle waging at the border. Harold and the others know what’s really going on but they didn’t want to break poor Yuki’s baby heart with the truth so they want to patch things up somehow without her knowing. But something tells me she’s going to find out soon, and it might be because of the blue-haired girl from the OP whom I’m guessing is from the Empire.

This wasn’t the best first episode. There’s was too much info thrown at us and I’m not feeling Joshua and the rest of the characters just yet. The battle simulation at the end was kind of cool, even though I’m not even a fan of mechs but the reason behind it was dumb. This wasn’t the best start but I can see it maybe getting better later? I hope? It could easily fuck up though, or at least just be a mediocre show. I’m still not totally sold yet but I’ll give it a couple more episodes and hopefully it’ll change my mind.

Possibility of watching: Moderate

Possibility of blogging: Moderate/Low


Unfortunately still a weeb

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  1. bedmonds

    I think your views are right on target, but I admit that I’m really interested to see how this goes. I think they’re messing with a lot of very different elements and I just wonder how it’ll all be managed, since the princess is over the top moe and…I’m uncertain about how convincing the rest of the show’s dark elements will merge into a solid storyline. At lest the episode intrigued me, which is a positive, and I don’t think it’ll end up being dull, but it could become a spectacular train wreck.

    1. zztop

      Maybe bingewatching might be a better choice for shows like this.
      The episodes might not stand out individually, but the story could be one that flows better when watched in one entire go.
      My style for shows like this is to wait for half the content to come out, then watch that half-content at once.

      1. Berry

        As a blogger, I’m going to give this a couple more episodes but bingeing might be a good idea. If I’m feeling up to it after three episodes I might just do that.

        I think the show does have potential, like bedmonds said I’m also interested in seeing how this’ll go. If they’re careful, I think it can be a fun show but it can easily derail. Let’s hope for the best.

  2. Eva

    Yup that about sums up my exact feelings as well. I’m going to have to give it a few more episodes before I can really judge if it’s worth a while watching. As the others said, it it definitely feels like a binge-type of show.

  3. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster

    “in that dress of hers, she reminded me of Nico and I literally thought she was about to sing for everyone. Yuki even looks like Nico, with the black hair in twintails and her eye color”

    Pardon me for being direct, but didn’t you say you’re NEVER invested in any Love Live series before…?

    1. Berry

      Nope, you might be thinking of someone else. I’ve always been a Love Live fan and I even blogged both seasons of Love Live Sunshine, and even did a random review of the School Idol Project movie. ^^;

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