Gotoubun no Hanayome Episode 4 – A Day Off

Ah, the festival episode. As classic and necessary as the mandatory beach episode. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the festival episode span two different episodes before though. This doesn’t seem like it’s going to be the run of the mill, ‘girls in yuakatas’ shtick. I think some serious stuff is about to go down.

Which segues into how bad I’ve felt for Nino in the past two episodes. Like, damn. Girl just wants to be close to her sisters. Apparently, the family has been drifting apart ever since the mother and father left the picture, but they’ve always managed to see the fireworks together. I’d feel so bad for Nino if Ichika end’s up missing it to be with the ‘mustachioed man’. Side note, I never realized how criminally underused the word ‘mustachioed’ is. Uesugi’s recognition of the importance of that tradition is what I think will end up making Nino accept him. Even if Ichika misses it, I doubt she will, Nino will still probably recognize the effort he made and back-handedly compliment him or something.

I thought this episode was a very nice transition to show the effects Uesugi has had on the sisters so far. While he may not have the exact term to describe their relationship to him, it’s obvious they’re all affecting each other in little ways. First there was the fact that Uesugi, despite having a day off, couldn’t fully focus on his studying because he kept finding questions/formulas to teach the girls. Later Itsuki even says he’s had an impact on all five of them. Miku is obviously still in love, but I thought this episode also showed how Nino (despite saying she’d never accept him) was starting to come around just a little bit too.

Of course, it’s hard not to mention the MVP of this episode. Raiha. Her frightening imouto powers not only temporarily strip Itsuki of her coldness towards Uesugi, but have also started infecting Yotsuba as well. I’m glad that he finally got paid too. I thought it was odd that they never talked about it, but I had totally forgotten that this show has only covered two days so far. It feels like soooo much longer than that. Regardless, no one in the show yet has been able to stand up to Raiha’s cuteness. A terrifying beast indeed.

Romantically, there was a lot of progress this week. Funnily enough, I think he got boosted love points for everyone except Miku. Who he called heavy and an acquaintance. In the span of 5 minutes. Yeesh, that’s harem protagonist denseness for you. I find it interesting that Yotsuba and Ichika are probably going to be the hardest to crack in the love department. Yotsuba’s casual mention of love and getting married probably means that she means it in a friendly way more than anything. Of all the sisters, I’m most anticipating learning about Yotsuba. Ichika also clearly has some shit going on in her life at the moment.

I’m very curious as to what Ichika is doing on the side. It definitely seems like it’s a sex thing, but it almost seems too obvious, doesn’t it? I can’t really decide one way or the other. While this show incorporates classic harem elements, I feel like it just as easily parodies other aspects of it. That being so, it’s hard for me to tell when something is just being blatantly obvious and tropey or if it’s actually setting me up for a twist.

There were a ton of cool shots this episode. From the cute and pouty faces to the picture booth to the fireworks and other festivities, this episode definitely turned up it’s visuals and I’m loving it. I was also surprised that the sisters willingly agreed to do homework! I really like the blending of comedy and seriousness in this show. It’s very well balanced.

The after the credits preview was bizarre and hilarious, but it looks like Ichika will get a schooling by Uesugi and end up making it to the rooftop after all. Anytime you pull someone’s cheeks like that, you know they mean business.

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