Kakegurui×× Episode 2: Girls of the Momobami Family

Girls, and some boys, of the Momobami family. Even though this was a slower episode, it was a lot better than the first one and I think this would have been a better way to have started the second season off. While the first episode wanted to make an impression in reminding people how crazy Kakegurui can be with the gambling, I still thought the introduction of the Momobami family was just as exciting.

This election is a lot more serious than we thought. This election is not just taking over the academy but the winner of the election will also be the head of the Momobami family. That really raises the stakes among the family members to go against each other, and Terano, the girl in the wheelchair really has hatred against Kirari for her attitude since she finds this all fun and amusing. While Mushibami had some spotlight, Terano looks like someone to watch out for. It looks like she’s going to be really serious about this, most likely though so she can finally take down Kirari. She’s most likely going to go up against Yumeko eventually, but I don’t see that happening until much later. Terano has this “final boss” vibe. Speaking of Yumeko, I never thought of her last name ending with -bami was a big deal. It’s not until this episode that one of the -bamis mentioned that so now I’m extremely interested by Yumeko seems like an outcast of this family? Will we finally get a Yumeko backstory? Please, now I’m dying to know. Now the connection between her and Kirari is even more significant now. When Mary and Suzui also realize that Yumeko is also a -bami, Yumeko flashes a sly little smile and a vague response. She knows things and she’s hiding them, so I’m really interested.

Kirari states to Yuriko and Sayaka, the ones most concerned about this election, that things can possibly stay the way they are. All they have to do is win. The election is then announced to all the students and it causes a huge commotion. The rules are pretty simple. Each student gets a poker chip, and to cast their votes, they have to gamble. The winner of the gamble gets the other student’s poker chip and adds it to their own. This also means that they’re in the running. So, this means that the person is both voting while also being a candidate. In the end, the person with the most poker chips will be the winner. It’s an all-out battle really.

Now, of course Yumeko wants to go through with this so she can just gamble against Kirari. Obviously the easiest way to do that would be to gamble against the scrubs and rack up poker chips easily but I feel like that won’t be very fun for Yumeko. We also got to see Mary again, but I wonder what she’s thinking? Does she want to stop Yumeko and go up against her?

In the classroom, Rei tells Yumeko that she was invited by Mushibami and that’s when we finally get the context of the gamble from episode one, and that’s where things fast forward to where we left off last time. Mushibami is terrified and Midari is losing it, and Yumeko is being her own crazy self. With Yumeko reminding her of her pride, Mushibami continues even through her fear. When it comes down to two strings, it’s Midari’s turn to cut a string but she accidentally cuts the last two strings at the same time. And none of their fingers get cut off. Mushibami is confused, Midari is pissed, but Yumeko is even more pissed off. Midari is angry that her finger wasn’t cut off so she couldn’t cum, but Yumeko is pissed off but at Midari for ruining her intense and pleasurable experience of the 50/50 chance of the guillotine dropping and my god her reaction was priceless. But as the strings were cut, Mushibami took out her finger. And since she did that she lost, and since cutting two strings at the same time is against the rules, Midari also lost, meaning Yumeko was the winner (though she was disappointed). Mushibami was confused though. Yumeko made it sound like the observer took out the bar from inside, but the “adjustment” the observer made was taking out the rest of the rubber soles of the table, because it was out of balance. So it was a false bluff, where Yumeko was talking about the table but Mushibami thought it was the bar. Oops. Very sneaky, but it worked in Yumeko’s favor. If only Midari hadn’t ruined things.

Best face

In the end, Mary and Ririka bump into each other. It was really interesting seeing Ririka looking more like a shy girl without the mask, and the intense mystery girl with the mask on (and a deeper voice). I’d love to learn more about her too, and what exactly she wants to talk to Mary about. Their portraits are beside each other in the OP so it’s probably something really significant.

This was a better episode and the set up for this season seems really exciting. The Momobami family seem more interesting than the original student council members, and I wonder when we’ll see Rei’s true person. They seem very calm right now, but if Terano brought them as “insurance” then they have to be someone to be reckoned with.


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