Kakegurui×× Episode 3

Things took an interesting and surprising turn with Yumeko getting poisoned. I had thought Yumeko making that face was because Miyo did something during her turn to piss her off. It turns out that Yumeko had actually gotten poisoned and things got really hectic.

I gotta say, poisoning your opponents is really pathetic. They might think it smart, since Miyo thinks violence goes hand in hand with gambling, but poisoning your opponent is really cheap and cowardly. And to get someone with more votes? It really bothered me that Runa just stood on the sidelines and didn’t get Yumeko the help, and even allowed Miyo to change the rules. I get that she’s completely neutral in all this but one of the students literally tried killing the other. And she did that to your friend too? Then again, Yumeko and the others could have lost a finger last time and the other girl didn’t do anything. Ahhh…Suzui is right, all of them are seriously insane.

Speaking of Suzui, I found it great that he’s taking some action and took part in the gamble voluntarily. He had a cool moment too. If only Yumeko was awake to see him like that, she probably would have seriously lost it. I was wondering if Suzui was ever going to really be part of the story because he was mostly in the background, narrating and worrying over Yumeko. His worrying over Yumeko was the reason that he joined the gamble in the first place, but I at least like that he’s taking action this time and (sort of) getting stuff done.

Mary is also another character getting some more spotlight. Last season, other than that gamble she took part in with Yumeko, she was kind of a supporting character too. This time she’s also getting in on this gamble after taking Yumeko’s place. I love this cool demeanor and confidence. Her meeting with Ririka was very surprising. Somehow Ririka already had 100 votes and made a quick gamble with Mary of finding one of the chips in her hands. She has one goal and is confident in achieving it being that she wants Mary to join her in this battle of student council no matter what. If she doesn’t agree, she’ll just follow her. I’m not too sure what Ririka wants, but I don’t think even she knows either. But I think she wanted to scout her to make Mary help to go gamble the people going against her sister, Kirari. Mary doesn’t agree or wants to take part in her little game, ripping off the mask from her face. Again, it’s so surprising how fast her personality changes when her mask is off. She looks exactly like her sister but is noticeably different as well just from demeanor. Kirari has this cunning look with that same all-knowing smile on her face, while Ririka has lack of self-confidence and moe written all over her face. It’s weird but kind of funny how cute she is. What does she want, and will Mary her deal accept afterwards?

The game they were playing is pretty simple, kind of like blackjack but the sum being 9. It was a fairly simple game of just trying to bluff your opponents in thinking you had a bad hand. Because of this being gambles for the student council, each game is going to have an observer so cheating this season should be a lot harder. This game would have been much more simple but the poison bullcrap happened and for some reason Runa let Miyo change the rules in having the loser prick their finger on one of the poison needles. Not so easy anymore.

Mary takes Yumeko’s place, and before the match continued Yumeko told Suzui to listen to what Mary would tell him. Because it would make things fun? Suzui can see things are more dangerous now but complies when Mary tells him to show her his cards (in a very cool way). I don’t think Mary is going to use Suzui as a scapegoat, but I am curious to know what she’s planning.

It’s fun seeing the others taking the spotlight for once. Mary is a lot cooler this season and I’m always open to have Suzui shine like in the finale of last season so I’m looking forward for the next episode.


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