I don’t know if the episode was confusing or if the subtitles I had weren’t that great, but there were some things I didn’t quite understand? It’s stressful that there aren’t the most dedicated groups subbing this so the quality of the subs fluctuate. Also, this episode was only okay for the most part. This season is still showing the same issues I had from the first season such as the gambles still being anticlimactic. But if there’s one thing I do know and enjoy is that Mary is best girl.

Mary seriously has come a long way. From the first episode of the first season, we saw she was a bitchy and cocky person. She won’t get confident and make crazy bets unless she knows she’s going to win, whereas before she would be overconfident and look down on her opponents. She’s become a lot more mature and careful in her gambling and she totally took the spotlight this episode. I like Yumeko because of her crazy personality, but I feel that Mary has a lot more substance. That cocky grin is perfect, and she deserves to be cocky this time. Seeing Miyo’s shitty smirk be wiped off her face was very satisfying.

But as cool as Mary was this episode, it’s a shame that Suzui wasn’t as cool. Mary basically just told him what to do and he followed through, nothing significant. The rest of the match was okay, not as exciting as I thought it was going to be. I understood that Miyo and Miri were sisters that got along by playing games and whatnot, and later got separated, but I had no idea how exactly there were communicating with each other. There’s no way it was telepathy, as much as it looked like it as they answered each other in their heads. But that’s exactly what it looked like so…I don’t know. They tried screwing with Suzui’s head but he didn’t give in, and Miyo especially looked down on both of them and called them losers. But little did they know that they were being had from the beginning. Apparently Runa was doing a certain shuffle with the cards that she always does, where the cards are always in a certain order and given out in whatever 16 possible patterns. The reason why Mary asked Suzui to show his hand to her was so she could see his pattern, her cards, so she could guess what pattern the sisters had and in the end it worked in her favor. Which is why she was confident enough to bet one million chips. But this is where I don’t get it? I’m not sure whether or not Runa was in it from the start, all I know is that it’s a shuffle she does because she likes it. I also don’t quite get how Mary even knew about this? I think Mary mentioned in the nurse’s office while Yumeko was resting that Yumeko already knew about Runa’s shuffle type and spoke to Mary about it, which is why Yumeko requested Mary to come over. My question is, when did Yumeko even realize Runa’s type of shuffle? Did I miss that from last season, I have no clue.

It was really satisfying watching the sisters lose and Mary being a badass, but I was taken out of the whole thing with the explanation. I also expected the gamble to be a lot more tense and exciting but it wasn’t. And again, the mention of death was brought up. Look, we’ve had gambles where their lives have been on the line. And whenever someone’s life is on the line, you know damn well that it’s not going to happen. Yumeko wasn’t going to die, Mary wasn’t going to die, and Suzui wasn’t going to die. No way is any of the main characters going to die, so that’s another thing that takes me out of the moment. Losing a finger? Yeah, maybe I could see that happen? Losing nails? Sure, maybe. Getting shot in the head? No. These are the same issues that I’ve always had with Kakegurui, but I always hoped the gambles to be a little exciting but that’s usually not always the case.

Mary wants to be the student council president and she’s going to take that from Yumeko, though I don’t think Yumeko ever wanted to be president. I think she just wants to gamble with Kirari again. So it’ll be fun to watch Mary go through this journey. Another interesting part of this show is the anime-original character, Rei. He’s way too damn nice to be part of the -bami family. He’s so normal and kind, and it looks like he could possibly strike up a friendship with Suzui. He’s such a mystery right now, that I feel that he might be a completely different type of person. Will he be the final boss? I just find it funny that the anime-original character is one of the most interesting characters so far. I’m curious to see what kind of role he’ll play and why the writers felt like they needed to add a completely new character to this story.


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  1. Mail Account R

    Rei is female. She just wears the male uniform.

    1. Berry

      Oh! I…did not catch that, unless the subs I had didn’t make that clear. Good to know, thank you.

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