The Promised Neverland Episode 4: 291045

No no no no no! You can’t end it like that! My heart dropped, please say it ain’t so. Please don’t tell me Ray is seriously the traitor. D:

I hate that they ended the episode there because now I’m going to be suffering for this entire week now. This episode did a really good job swerving our suspicions back and forth. Because of the emphasis of the camera on Gilda last episode, I really thought it was Gilda. But then Norman mentioned Phil’s high scores in their tests and how he does so well in tag that it made me suspicious of this adorable baby. The camera did focus on him at the end of the last episode but I just thought he was really psyched about dinner. That, and he’s always smiling but I guess he’s just a really happy kid. But then things got more intense as Norman told Emma and Ray that it would be best to tell Gilda and Don about everything. It was interesting that they decided to lie to them about the kids dying. At first, Don didn’t believe that Isabella would be evil enough to sell them as livestock but he soon came to terms, and Gilda showed emotion when she told Emma how much she’s changed lately. The very next scene with Gilda and Krone was huge, and it turned out in the end that Gilda really was innocent and that Krone was trying to probe her for info. But while Gilda went to Krone’s room, someone slipped a note under Isabella’s room telling her that the rope is under Norman’s bed. But who was it?

After their talk with Gilda and Don, as Emma went off to her room Norman and Ray stayed behind. Ray didn’t like that Norman was hiding the truth from them, but he did that on purpose for his trap. Norman told Ray that he would tell Gilda and Don the location of the rope, but he would tell them two different locations. He said he would tell Gilda that the rope would be in the ceiling of the bathroom, and he would tell Don it would be under his bed. In the end, the one in the bathroom was there but the one under Norman’s bed was missing. Ray says Don is the traitor, but Norman turns to Ray and says that he is.

Holy shit. My heart literally skipped a beat and I gasped. And thinking about it, it makes sense? Norman told Ray that he would tell Don about the rope, but we never saw him do that. We only saw Norman tell Ray. So the only people who knew the location of the rope under the bed was Norman and Ray. Or? After Isabella got the note, she snuck over to Norman’s bed? But then who gave her the note?

And now I’m thinking, was it significant that it was only Norman and Emma that went to the gate and saw Conny dead? Was Ray being in the background then a clue? I have no idea, but if this is legit then I’m going to be so heartbroken because Ray is my favorite of the trio. I’m also thinking if a plot twist this big would happen this early in the show. And I doubt Ray would be that dumb enough to fall for this trap. But with the little conversation Norman had with Emma about what they would do with the traitor, I feel like Norman already knew all along that it was Ray and he needed Emma’s opinion for what they should do with their friend. Emma made herself clear, that if there really is a traitor among them, she’s going to force them to escape with them. Emma kind of is right. The traitor most likely has the guarantee to live and not be shipped out, but if they actually manage to escape then the traitor’s life may not be guaranteed anymore. Aww, Emma has such a good heart. If Ray really is the traitor, then he’ll still have a chance to redeem himself?

Aww man this really sucks. It makes sense that Ray could be the traitor, but is he really? It’s killing me that I have to wait a week to find out. This was a really tense episode, great as usual. The Krone and Gilda scene was well done. Speaking of Krone, how the hell does no one hear her yelling at the top of her lungs and stomping on the ground? They live in a wooden house and she’s on the second floor, I’m sure Isabella could be listening to everything she’s saying. Like I said, Krone is really reckless.

This show makes me so nervous.

Phil is an unbelievably adorable kid.


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  1. There goes my hope that Ray is not the spy… But usually, in this kind of situation in anime and manga, character like Ray would end up joining the main characters as friend! So even if Ray is the spy, it’s possible he’ll help Emma and Norman to escape! Yes! There’s still that hope! Come on, Ray! Please!

  2. Go back to episodes 1 and 2, and pay attention to what Ray says and does. This story has brilliant foreshadowing, and by going back to those first two episodes you should be able to figure out what will happen in episode 5.

    1. I did just that and I THINK I might know what’ll happen. There were some things I should have catched on and looking back on it now, hoo boy! This show, man. This story is insane.

  3. I dont think there is hope. Watched the episode 3 times already to see the brilliance behind it. Norman tells Ray he’ll tell Don about the rope being under the bed, and Conny in the bathroom. However when Conny leaves the room, we see a paper slipping under the door – it cant be Conny because she shouldn’t know about the bed location, she knew about the bathroom. So somebody else gave the note. It’s also interesting to see if Norman really told Don about the rope under the bed, or maybe it was a plot aimed to deceive Ray. Killer cliffhanger at the end, killer…one week wait now! But there’s Dororo, Boogiepop (and others) to enjoy until then.

  4. I have read the manga and let’s just say…. You guys are gonna go crazy in the future.

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