Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS Episode 87

Well we all knew Spectre was going to fall, but damn he went off this episode. The duel between them was truly a treat to watch. Spectre put on an incredible performance, one that really got under Lightning’s skin. He went all sorts of crazy, from hitting him where it hurts, having the guts laugh at Lightning, to even having an ecstasy over successfully achieving the Extra Link Full Mode.

But while Spectre has been able to successfully exploit some of Lightning’s biggest complexes about himself, Lightning already knew Spectre would steal Judgment Arrows from him, and had a full course counter prepared ahead of time, and when he struck back, the match was over. In fact his description of Spectre’s field was incredibly accurate with how things played out: It was like a fragile castle built out of sand. And Lightning was that waved that wiped it clean. Also, can we take a moment to appreciate how chilling Lightning’s smug smirk when he delivered the final blow?

It’s an understatement to say favourite part of the episode was when Spectre successfully triggered Lightning, jabbing him right where it hurts, and the dude just snapped. No one has ever seen Lightning recoil in such a way before. He was absolutely furious, insulted by Spectre’s foolishness to think he had outwitted him, and I loved every second of it.

It’s a shame to see him go so early on, unless Lightning intends to use him against the group. I would certainly like to see him again by going against his former allies, as though he is possessed. That could be fun.

As for next week, the match up is rather unexpected: Windy VS Takeru. I guess Windy isn’t confident enough to go to attack Ryoken first, so he’s going to “set an example” (for the sake of his own ego) with Takeru. I kind of have mixed feelings over this because again, it would kind of suck to see Windy be taken out this early too, since I can’t imagine Takeru would fall here, especially with Flame by his side.

Ah crap, this turned out to be a lot shorter than I thought it would be, but that’s all I have to say this week’s episode.
Note: It’s also why I chose to omit the gallery.


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7 thoughts on “Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS Episode 87

  1. When life gives you (evil) lemons, DON’T MAKE LEMONADE OR THEY’LL MAKE SMUG FACES AT YOU.
    This duel was fun to watch. The last five minutes was actually fun to watch seeing how Spectre’s field slowly dissipates and how his tree is destroyed. I feel like Spectre’s weakness in his play style is that he relies too much on his Extra Deck monsters and have weak normal monsters. I think that he needs to get monsters with either higher defense or offense if he wants to stop losing.
    But I do like how Spectre’s loss wasn’t for naught as the viewers and Team Playmaker + Revolver now learn that Lightning has a secret and they are able to see Lightning’s strategies. I think the only way to beat Lightning is to counter Judgment Arrows since destroying it and stealing it means bad news for the opponent.
    The next duel is Soulburner vs Windy. I can probably see Soulburner winning since Windy relies on blocking the back row and from what I can remember, SB doesn’t rely too much on back row since his schtick is Reincarnation Summoning.

  2. Spectre vs Lightning is truly one of the best Duels in the series. Although, I gotta admit that watching Spectre blushing in ecstacy like that rather creeped me out. He was like a pervert acting that way. No offense, I still like you Spectre. Lightning took Spectre’s data and almost destroy it, but chose to let it be. I think, as you said, he’ll control Spectre and make him fight for him. Seeing Spectre being forced to duel Revolver would be interesting!
    I think Windy choose to attack Soulburner not because he is not confident to challenge Revolver for a rematch, but maybe for the sake of Lightning’s plan that involves Bohman. He mentioned they must buy some times.
    Speaking of which, I hope they’ll reveal Windy’s partner in the Duel against Soulburner. I’m curious about him for long time already. At least show a glimpse of him!
    By the way, in case you haven’t seen it, I think you should see these pics if you still have love for Arc-V:

  3. But as Spectre’s counterpart in Team Yusaku, people tend to view Takeru as the weakest.
    As the villains have stated, they are going after the weakest people first. And Windy doesn’t need any duels to prove himself- he’s already done so with his behavior and actions. Windy’s one of those characters who are “unfit to be called a duelist” to quote Yusaku.
    Loved the animation- waiting for such animation to be given to an Aoi centered episode.

  4. There isn’t really much to say for this week. Man, Spectre and Lightning were incredibly sadistic. I agree with Ai that it’s best for them to both go down, but it’s best not to get greedy either. I’m not sure if I trust Spectre though even if he’s on Team Playmaker’s side. The way he blushed saying that the Extra Link was beautiful was quite creepy along with those sadistic looks. I know Spectre says he’s loyal to Revolver, but the way he says that he exceeded Revolver makes me feel that he might betray him later on.
    Lightning was definitely starting to lose his temper. I can understand how even Ai, after being with Lightning in the Cyberse World all this time has never seen his former leader so angry before. Somehow, I also felt satisfied that Lightning took down Spectre. I know they’re both arrogant, but it shows much Lightning is a big threat to humanity and what he’s capable of.
    Windy’s evil laugh was once again tension-cutting. He’s getting more and more sadistic as time goes on. Now that leaves 4 main members of Team Playmaker to take down. I have a feeling Windy is gonna choose Soulburner as his opponent because Soulburner must be next on Lightning’s list as the weakest after Spectre. I don’t really think Lightning thinks Flame is that much a threat compared to Ai and Aqua. He doesn’t have special powers or abilities like Ai’s instinct or Aqua’s lie-detecting powers. That means Blue Maiden is considered stronger than Spectre and Soulburner. Or maybe that’s just because of Aqua.

  5. January 2018: His Sunavalons were more defensive geared and akin to a chessboard game to wear his opponents down. Had to lose to path way for Playmaker’s showdown with Revolver at the climax of the Tower of Hanoi arc.
    January 2019: His Sunavalons were more offensive this time and even recreated an Extra Link for himself. Had to lose because Lightning’s topdecking game continues to be more bullshit than ever and to “prove” himself as a main villain.
    Boy I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if the coming January 2020 will have Specter lose another major (and possibly his final) duel…
    (Also, only two pictures this week, what’s going on?)

    1. Whenever I don’t reach my min. threshold for wordcount nor have a lot to say, I don’t upload a gallery or a lot of images. It’s my own a rule I’ve been following for years.

      1. if we think about it makes sense in that the one who created the card should know multiple ways to counter or get it back or gain control again on this card

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