After defeating the Sphinx last episode, things seem to return to normal for our heroes. Though Midorigaoka is acting weird, he’s demanding a Plectranthus amboinicus plant from the gardening club and saying he needs it by tomorrow. Me, someone with zero knowledge of plants, runs over to google to find that. It’s a mint plant? One often used in medication. Why would he need a plant like that?
Much less, why would he ask the gardening club for it?
Well it seems that the one his brother gave him died on him. Guess we should leave the gardening to Shiroyama. Which is basically where this is heading as the members of the gardening club ask him for help.
It’s fine, he has a plant grown from a cut of it that he got from Midorigaoka’s brother back when they were friends when they were younger. So he says he’ll get a cut of that plant and give it back. Besides, they used to be pretty good friends.

  1. This episode is clearly setting up for the Sphinx to eat either Midorigaoka or Shiromiya and since Shiromiya seems to be the ‘main’ character of this series. I’ve always sort of pinned him to be the last one to be eaten or the one who won’t be eaten at all.

  2. I just noticed that their High School is actually named Dimension High School and I want to scream. I thought that was the name of the show because, you know, they jump between dimensions. No, it’s actually just the name of where they go to school.

Apparently the rift between them is over something fairly petty. A decision on Shiromiya’s part that he is going to pursue gardening and go work on his family’s farm in the future, rather then join a sports club with his friend.

Their tutoring session hasn’t even begun when Spudio shows up and informs them that the Sphinx is not dead and whisks them away to the 2-D world. Minus two members of their group, so with only three of them there. only Shinomiya, Midorigaoka and Kikawada.
Mizukami was in the nurses office resting from having a cold and their sensei got held up on the stairs after being run into by two other students and dropping all of his papers.

Spudio says that he also thought that they had defeated the Sphinx, but his Sphinx radar went off. He felt a Sphinx in the area and all of his hair stood on end, to which Midorigaoka and I both had to stop and go “What hair?” to which Spudio cries that it’s just a metaphor and not to pick apart his words.
Again the Sphinx comes out, but this time it is the older brother. Here in the place of his younger brother who has been so depressed since losing to them the last time that he hasn’t woken up even once. Like before, it starts with a simpler puzzle with a shorter time limit.
They arrive at the correct answer, but not until a few seconds after the time limit is completed. Thus, the person with the most stress finds themselves eaten by the Sphinx this time. Who is the most stressed? Why Midorigaoka of course.

The second puzzle is harder but has a longer time limit. They manage to solve it with just the two of them though and are returned to the 3-D world.

What does Midorigaoka lose when he returns from there? Simple, what’s the name of the episode. His pride. Without it he becomes almost an entirely different person, so much so that it’s kind of scary actually. A person without any pride, without any shame is actually really awkward to watch. Everyone carries with them a little bit of pride, even if we don’t have it in excessive amounts we have a little and a person with none of it isn’t shamed by anything. In a sense, they become the fool.
Best defeat this Sphinx and get back what was lost quickly, before Midorigaoka is shamed past the point of any return. That’s left till next episode though.