Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind Episode 18: Head to Venice!

Giorno makes quick work of Babyface, Golden Experience’s abilities outsmarting this thing. Giorno putting the motorcycle in Babyface reminded me of when Formaggio put the car in that one guy. Except this time it was less horrifying and disgusting. The end of Babyface also brought the end of Melone as Giorno sent a snake to the guy, which ended up biting his tongue and killing him before he was able to harass more women into making stand babies. Finally, this man won’t haunt me anymore. Di molto bene, Giorno!

Now that they’re safe again, for now, the group inside the turtle get another message from the Boss. Speaking of, we finally got to hear the Boss speak! We didn’t get to see his face or anything but it’s exciting to see him for a bit. Buccellati gets a message from the boss telling them to use Moody Blues next to the chair in the turtle and rewind 14 hours. They do just that and suddenly see Mr. Pericolo, the guy who Trish was with before. He’s standing on the chair and announces to the group that he has the next instructions, the final one. Their next mission is to head to Venice and retrieve a disc from a statue at Venice’s entrance, where the disc will tell them exactly how to hand over Trish to the boss. Pericolo then brings a gun to his head. Before killing himself, he says he’s glad for the fortunate life he was given because of the Boss and that he wishes Buccellati’s group all the safety. Pericolo didn’t look like a bad guy so it was a little sad that he shot himself, but this is the gang world after all. Using Moody Blues to get their next message was really smart and cool to see, it really doesn’t allow for leaks to happen so easily since Moody Blues is needed. Just shows how useful Abbacchio’s stand can be in certain situations. The time for Trish’s departure is close so while most of the group is in the turtle, Giorno and Mista make their way to Venice to find the disc.

But of course that won’t be easy because they already have someone tailing them. I know that Nobuhiko Okamoto is really talented and all, but I feel like I’ve only seen him as the loud and angry character yelling at everyone and everything. Bakugo, Zack, now Ghiaccio. It’s entertaining at least.

Ghiaccio doesn’t waste any time showing off his stuff. His stand, White Album, is an ice stand and it can freeze stuff. Pretty simple. Giorno’s biggest mistake was opening the window and letting in the cold air, making them freeze faster. He couldn’t stop the car because the brakes got frozen, but with quick thinking he and Mista worked together to make heat with Mista’s bullets. They manage to get Ghiaccio off the roof of the car, but he turns himself into an ice skater basically and continues to chase after them. Mista was smart to put his bullets underneath the skates and make him trip, but Ghiaccio uses the moisture from the car’s tail pipe to freeze it and climb back into the car. Once they think they got him, he keeps coming back. This whole car chase scene was pretty cool to see. I vaguely remember this fight from the manga but I think this was one of those fights where I kind of didn’t know what the hell was happening. I…really shouldn’t have read the manga with the crappy translations and black and white pages. Oh well. Anyway, the anime made this scene look very fun and exciting and I thought the CG looked great.

They’ve managed to make it to Venice but Giorno’s driving the car into the canal so things are going to get crazy. Hmm, freezing and water? I don’t know, Giorno. :/

Jojo Fun Facts:

  • White Album is one of The Beatles’ many albums.
  • In Italian, “ghiaccio” literally means ice. So if you knew Italian then you probably already had an idea what kind of stand ability Ghiaccio would have.
  • Giorno doesn’t have a fucking license, why do these grown ass men keep making this child drive?


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