Gotoubun no Hanayome Episode 11 – Legend of Fate Day 3


Yes! Futaro! Finally you said it. They’re all siblings, but they’re not the same person and they’re not 1/5s that make up a whole. They’re just sisters who look the same. I can’t believe it took 11 episodes for this to become a thing.

And oh my god, the art this episode. Lordy, lord. That was amazing.

Itsuki and Miku finding Ichika and Futaro cold, wet and alone was pretty on par with what I was expecting. I’m not really surprised that Itsuki and Miku don’t especially believe the ‘we got locked in here’ story either. So, Ichika might quit high school. I was actually surprised by Futaro’s reaction too. I imagined him being more like what Ichika thought. ‘You’re a failure in life’ and all of that. I kind of wish they’d gotten to dance together, but obviously that wasn’t going to happen. I thought it was funny that Ichika kept checking her ‘heart meter’ every time an event happened between the two of them. Of course, between finding out about the bonfire legend and the log almost falling on her, the dance was interrupted. That was some pretty intense alarm system for a log cabin. What would you even need to be alarmed about? Someone stole wood? I’ve never even lived in a house or apartment with those levels of security.

The rest of this episode was pretty fluffy. Nothing major happened. Itsuki now has some crazy misconception about what Futaro and Ichika did, even though it was a harmless secret. Miku just lit a fire under her ass and it looks like she’s going to make a move on Futaro, thanks to his speech. Yotsuba and Nino are kind of just chilling. Neither here nor there. Two things with Itsuki though. One, she found out Ichika was the one who was kneeling over him when they first got to the inn, but it was completely swept under the rug. I wonder if she’ll bring it back up later or if that’s just kind of over and done with. Second thing, she seems pretty aware of the harem going on. It seems like Ichika knows all the sisters have some level of affection towards him. Miku knows Ichika likes him. Yotsuba is just trying to have fun and Nino, well I don’t really know because she has so little screen time. Itsuki has actually been the most underwhelming character so far. She was the first one to speak with him, but even she says she had no idea it would all turn out this way. She’s even more bullheaded about her emotions than Nino is. Speaking of, I wonder if this Kintaro thing is going to get resolved before the anime ends. Probably not, but a man can dream…

I’m just so happy that someone finally said that they are their own people. It was a little forced, since they were only playing a game of tag (I dunno, it just seemed like a weird interjection) but we take those! Like Futaro says, even though they all started roughly the same it was Yotsuba who excelled in athletics just like Miku specializes in… old bald war generals. No judgement here, everyone has something. I think it was an important distinction to make and it’s been bothering me ever since that fireworks episode where they talk about how together they’re all one whole. So thank you, Futaro, for calming my anxiety about that.

Next episode is the last one and I’m damn excited! This is definitely one of the better shows this season and I’m glad I decided to watch it despite the fact that harems aren’t usually my cup of tea. I know this post is a bit late (sorry!), but it’s been a pleasure covering it. Now we just got to wait and see who he dances with at the bonfire. My best guess right now would be he ends up dancing with all of them, either at the same time or one after another as he encounters them.

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