Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind Episode 22: The “G” in Guts

New arc, new OP, new ED, new enemy stand user! Too bad I never cared about this part, and too bad the animation quality this time had to be the worst from this season. Though if that means David Pro is gonna save their resources for the better parts, then I’m okay with it.

This fight isn’t my favorite and I remember skipping pages when I was reading these chapters because I lacked interest. Seeing this fight in animated form doesn’t really change that for me. This is one of those fights where for some reason the characters are complete idiots even though they know assassins are after them after they betrayed the boss. You’d think that they would believe what Narancia was saying or at least suspect something was off when he was covering his mouth. It’s pretty hard to take this fight seriously because of this, though I know Jojo can be like this at times. At least we did get some mildly funny moments like when Narancia suddenly started peeing in the toilet in front of everyone and Abbacchio called him out on it. You do remember that you pissed in a teapot once and tried to make Giorno drink it, right? Dummy.

After Sex Pistols beg for food, the group decides to stop by a restaurant in Venice to eat. The boys talk about vegetarians (though they actually meant vegans), beat up an innocent passerby, and Narancia being the good boi he is doesn’t want to involve Trish further in this mess. But she comes out of the turtle and shows her own fighting will. Hearing them talk about her father erasing his trace, she remembers something her mother once told her. She met him in Sardinia and said that’s where he grew up before he became a mafia boss. They can most likely figure out the Boss’ identity on the island of Sardinia, and Trish also wants to know who her father is and who she came from. And I’m proud of her.

They finally have a game plan but then Narancia notices something weird with his soup. The spoon disappears somehow, but he gets another and tries to eat but his tongue gets bitten by a mini shark. The group tries to help him out and Narancia can see the shark going from liquid to liquid, and yet somehow none of them can see it.

Basically there’s two stands, the shark and another where a stand is on his tongue making him say the opposite of what he wants. There’s obviously something very wrong with Narancia as he’s acting very weird but the guys just think he’s fooling around, except for Giorno who sees different. Thank god. But then he ends up getting bitten by the shark stand in the bathroom really badly. Dammit. 😐

Not the most exciting way to start off the last half of the show, but at least we got both a new OP and ED. No more waking up horny. The new ED is great and I quite like the new OP too. People are complaining it’s riddled with spoilers, and it kind of is but the only ones that understand the spoilers are people who read the manga. For the anime onlies it’s fine. Except they showed off Trish’s stand, it would have been nice if they had done with her what they did with Koichi in Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town in leaving it empty and showing it after when the episode got to it. Oh well. But visually it’s really nice!

This fight will probably take up one more episode? I’m most iffy in this little section from the manga until a certain part later so I’ll anticipate that. Not my favorite episode, probably my least favorite, but it’s not the worst thing I’ve seen.


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