Kakegurui×× Episode 10

The episode went like I imagined it would. Yumeko won, Sayaka lost, she didn’t die. Though there was the possibility of her dying if she had picked the wrong door and I wonder if they all would have been fine with her killing herself. At least Sayaka was fine with that, does anyone else find that concerning? I’ve already expressed my concerns about her, but whatever.

Not gonna lie, this was pretty satisfying.

The tower’s secret was easy to figure out after awhile. I wondered why the problems on the screens would rotate, and the concrete wall kind of tipped it off. The whole time while they were gambling, the tower was rotating. Yumeko was able to figure out the secret when she opened up one of the outer doors and didn’t see the moon in front of her. She figured there were two towers, the middle one with the staircase not moving while the rest did. Winning this game was pretty easy for her, while Sayaka was away on her own using logic. And in this anime, especially with people like Yumeko and Kirari, you can’t use logic. But she did and was dumbfounded to see Yumeko at the top before her when Sayaka was supposedly in the lead. And honestly it was so satisfying to see her dumb smug grin be completely wiped from her face because she thought Yumeko was dumb. Oh you sweet summer child, I think the true idiot is you. Yumeko is anything but dumb and she was able to win easily while having fun. And her face when she was climbing the central staircase was adorably funny. People in this show are always underestimating Yumeko, she’s pretty famous around the school so I would have thought they would have known better already.

So what is it exactly that Kirari finds so amusing about Sayaka? I guess how logical she always is. She doesn’t really understand it and she loves that. I guess. Sayaka had fallen for Kirari when she watched her gamble with the school’s previous student council president, putting everything on the line and still winning in the end. Even though she hates gambling (why is she in this school?), she’s fascinated by Kirari because of her gambling. So one day she enters the student council office and asks to be her secretary. And eventually Kirari agrees.

It didn’t exactly add to Sayaka’s character in my opinion, which was disappointing, but the one interesting thing from that exchange was Sayaka asking “Wait, was it really you that did that?” She’s observant enough to tell that something was off, and this goes back to the strange relationship between Kirari and Ririka. Who was it she saw gambling, and who was she talking to in the office? Why do the twins trade places? The story has always been surrounding Yumeko and the other characters so we haven’t gotten any closer to learning why the twins do this.

Also, yeah I’m gonna say it again, the subplot with Mary and Ririka hasn’t been touched at all and I’m disappointed so we won’t even learn more about Ririka. And less of best girl Mary sucks. >:/

So the scene with Sayaka and the prez was nice and all, and again the scenery was gorgeous. With that over with, the Tower of Doors arc is over with and we’re going to close with whatever this 100 votes auction thing is. It looks like Terano and maybe Rei are going to be making their moves now? If Rei is involved in this, does that mean this next mini-arc is anime original since Rei is anime original? Let’s hope at least it’s interesting. The Tower of Doors was pretty cool but I wish it lasted a little longer since it’s the most creative gamble we’ve had so far. I don’t know if this last gamble will be able to top it.

Yumeko is awesome in her own way, too.
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