It looks like we’re going to finish this season with another anime-only arc. Last time Kakegurui did this it wasn’t a an interesting or fun gamble to watch and it felt completely rushed. The stakes were high last time with Yumeko possibly getting kicked out of the school if she lost to Kirari, and of course that wasn’t going to happen and it didn’t. It was kind of cool seeing Yumeko and Suzui work together in that gamble though, but that was the only good thing about it.

This time, this gamble is just as uninteresting and is giving me the vibes that it’ll all be rushed in the end too. But what’s the point? Why did MAPPA decide to insert a completely original character and make the last gamble all about them? Since Rei is anime original, this gamble just won’t matter at all in the long run, right?

The gamble itself isn’t the most fun to watch, and I don’t think the most fun to play either. The rules are simple where there are many 100-vote lots the others can bid on. The whole student council were invited but the only ones that attended were Nishinotoin, Midari, and Ririka. Others besides the council were of course Yumeko, Suzui, and Mary. Yay, we finally get Mary. They bid their own votes to win the lot, but they in turn lose the votes they bidded. The twist is that they won’t know who’s voting as they all sit in chairs with a number pad hidden on their arm rest. Of course that won’t stop them from announcing what they’ll bid. The gamble goes on normally but they all feel uneasy because there’s something strange about the whole game, and Mary figures out that Rei has been cheating and participating in the gamble the whole time in raising the bids so others can bid more. Not against the rules apparently because that was never mentioned. And why would she do this? Because she’s the one that’s sponsoring the auction. At first I did think that it was Terano that sponsored the auction because she’s trying to bring down Kirari, and I thought the show would really show us who Terano is, but sadly not. Rei reveals that she’s the sponsor of the auction. Then we get another reveal that it’s not just their group that’s participating, but another individual is as well. In another room in the theater, Ibara is betting as well along with the rest of the -bami members we’ve met in this season, though they’re just sitting there and helping him out.

Things finally start getting mildly amusing when Yumeko brings out three billion yen from her match with Manyuda. Of course Yumeko wants to make the gamble a lot more fun and bring out the best from Rei because the gamble isn’t fun the way she is right now. With this enticing offer and Yumeko’s charisma, Rei literally has a transformation and sprouts black wings and…yeah, okay. Looks like things are going to pick up.


Not the best episode, and I don’t know how this season will end. I’ve already talked about my problems with this show so I won’t even get into that again. I’ll save all my grievances for the finale next week. I just hope it’ll end on a high note now that Yumeko’s made it slightly more interesting. Let’s hope. Also, Yumeko completely dismissing Midari’s entire being was hilarious so at least that was the high point in this episode.


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