Date A Live III Episode 12 – The finale I definitely didn’t forget about. [Final Impression]

In. My. Defense. this wasn’t 100% my fault. Just like 98%. The ending of episode 11 wrapped up so nicely. I mean, pffft, eh, eck, how could I have known? I thought the show was just over. Apparently, since I skipped back in the episode to get screenshots, Crunchyroll put my watch time as not finished so it never advanced to the next episode. I found out about an hour ago that this show had another episode. I sincerely thought it was over. And boy, did I wish I had stayed ignorant.

I don’t know exactly who reads these blog posts but, when I say Shido entered his Spiderman 3 cool guy phase, just synonomize that with cringe because they are one and the same. Oh god, I just watched that clip again before I linked it. Oh my lord, someone produced that. And I felt very similarly in regards to this episode. Ugh, it even had the song. ‘I love you. I want you. I need you. The sky is blue.’ PLEASE. STOP. Is a five year old writing this? Someone get that child away from the script. It’s… it’s been a while since I’ve seen something of this caliber. I generally try to stay optimistic in my writing, at least during the airing, because just shitting all over a show is really easy and limits your viewpoint. It makes you ignore good aspects because you just want to hate it.

Well, guess what? The show’s over now. And my god should it have just died in 2013. I just saw it got a season 4 and I’m entering a mid-life crisis. I’m only 23. Is this selling like hot cakes in Japan or something? There are about 100 other shows that I could list off the top of my head that deserve another season before this gets a 4th. So few shows get 2nd seasons nowadays, let alone 3rds. And this has FOUR. And movies.

Ok, so let’s get into the actual episode before my final opinion. Shido. Shidou? Shido. Shido becomes a ladies man because apparently that’s what having an overflowing amount of spiritual power does to you. In order to fix it, somehow?, naturally each girl has to kiss him. And naturally, Shido doesn’t just want kisses, he wants them to romance him too. Despite the fact that the kissing is what seals their powers in him in the first place. Maybe it’s like Kirby where you eat food and make out to exchange life force. Let’s go with that. Well, if you wanted to watch a teenage boy get horny from watching ice cream drip onto someone’s chest, a young girl wearing baggy clothes, a girl just sitting on his lap and existing, and more, then prepare yourself because you’re in for a treat.

By far the best part of the episode, and this really was good to be fair, was that we basically have it (once again) reaffirmed that Tohka is the winner. She took backseat basically the entire season so they must’ve really just wanted to sneak that in there at the end. Just in case we forgot. I’m not really going to complain though. Wholesome as heck.

As for my Final opinion, I did enjoy parts of the show. I just didn’t enjoy most of it.

Production: I think art wise, we can all agree that this was mediocre to slightly below mediocre. The styles definitely weren’t consistent, even throughout the same episode. Nothing horrendous, but I feel like consistency, at least, is pretty important. Even if it’s a bad consistency. The soundtrack, oh my god. I think I mentioned several times how out of place the soundtrack sounded. I liked the more dramatic tracks, but all those, just, bizarre clown music sounds. It’s so weird that they’d choose those. What mood were they even trying to get across? The fighting was bland, but not bad. Not good, but not bad.

Story: Honestly, for what this show is, the story wasn’t even that bad. Definitely minus points for just ignoring the entirety of the DEM thing. At least they showed Shido with Ellen at the end, as if that’s some consolation. ‘Hey viewers, we didn’t forget!’. Sure. The time travel inconsistencies… probably another tick mark against the show. Can we talk about how they traveled back in time, travel back in time again, Shido dies and then they end up back in current time in a new universe where everything is exactly the same, except the DEM story line now never happened? I totally started this paragraph out thinking I liked it… It was fine. My point is it could’ve gotten a lot worse.

Characters: Tohka has a different favorite food now, I think that’s about all that has changed with all the regular lineup of Spirits. Of course, the thing with Origami was very nice. A nice bump up in my score for that. Seeing her smile and have some emotional relief was, well, a relief. Origami also made me laugh out loud on a number of occasions. Definitely my favorite character in the show, but that’s been since season 1 pretty much. I think my 2nd favorite character is probably Yuzuru. And then Tohka, of course.

All in all, meh. Like a 5/10.

Wow, aren’t you so glad you had to wait weeks to read this and I just shit all over the show and didn’t even put in pictures? I know you all must have been dying to get my opinion on this…

And thus ends my coverage of this janky, janky, clown fiesta. Anti-climactic? Yes. Entertaining? Probably not, but hopefully?

As a reward for making it to the end, here’s everything you came here for:







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