Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Golden Wind: Episode 25 [Spice Girl]

Spicy Lady! Oh god, I can’t stop laughing. This is one of the best non-copyright stand names to date. It’s so much fun to say too! Oh god, well anyway. I’ve been excited to see Spice Girl in action ever since I heard it was the name of Stand. I’m also really glad to see some development from Trish, realizing that her goals and motivations so far have been rather selfish and growing so she can help the team. Though she is caught in a strange place, this is all so far outside what she knows.
Strange abilities, and the constant fear of being killed. You can’t blame her for wanting to look out for herself a little bit. Still, she makes the decision to save Giorno’s left hand. The ladybug broach that contains it, so she can open a new path for Giorno and the others.

This awakens her to her own stand, Spice Girl. Which makes things softer and more elastic. Which honestly, is a fairly good counter to the Stand that they are currently facing. Which only takes damage from things that aren’t moving.
It also absolutely saves their lives as they require a plane crash to free themselves of the enemy stand. She creates a parachute out of the cockpit and lets the rest of the plane crash into the ocean. That’s still not enough though and it latches to Abbacchio. Bruno tries to sacrifice a part of himself but Trish won’t allow that.
Golden Winds ability is safe, all of them get their wounds healed. They have a little bit of free time to explore the area to look for clues pertaining to the Bosses identity since with the plane crashed they will be presumed dead.
Things seem like they are looking up for our heroes, or are they?

A cut to the boss, the boss who can feel the fact that his daughter has awakened to her stand abilities. The boss who can feel that she is alive, and suspects that at the very least that Abbacchio is with her. He makes the decision that he can’t let anyone else handle this situation, he has to go in person to deal with this himself. Because there is a place that he can’t afford to let Abbacchio go, a place where fifthteen years ago he took a picture of Trish’s mother.
He can’t allow Moody Blues to replay that time at any cost. He can only trust himself to protect his identity.

So he decides to head out himself.

I have to say, I was a little scared for the random maid at the end of the episode who walked in on him. I thought for sure that she was going to be killed, however, he just messed with time and left her alive. Vanishing from the area and leaving her to clean the room in peace.
I guess a random dead body would be something of a pain to deal with.

Overall I really loved this episode. I love Spice Girl, the stand is beautifully sassy and strong. As a girl who grew up in the 90’s and lived through the Spice Girls phenomenon. I can’t think of a better characterization of that feeling of ‘Girl Power’ that the band promoted. The fact that the stands ability is named “Wannabe” made my day. The thing I got the biggest kick out of though is that the stand, Notorious B.I.G. can’t actually be killed. So when it is driven into the ocean by Trish and Bruno, it begins living in the ocean. Attacking the waves and occasionally the boats. It basically becomes a legendary sea monster akin to the krakken and that cracks me up.

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