Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind Episode 26: A Little Story from the Past ~My Name is Doppio~

One of the weirdest episodes with one of the creepiest, weirdest characters, and the upcoming fight being one of my favorites with one of my favorite stands. I was not a fan of Part 5 the first time around but I distinctly remember becoming way more interested in it at exactly this point on because of Doppio and Risotto and I’m so glad there wasn’t any censorship with Risotto’s stand. This episode was extremely well done and I’m so excited for next week.

We get introduced to a young man named Doppio, who was born in the most bizarre way. His birth mother had been sentenced to jail for ten years and currently served two years. One night she gave birth to a small boy. The whole birth and pregnancy was strange because she wasn’t pregnant, or didn’t look it when she was sentenced. She could only have gotten pregnant before, now the father is dead, and she finally gave birth after two years. Once Doppio was born, he didn’t cry, his eyes were wide open, and one of the guards noticed something else strange with his eyes. He was sent to Sardinia and was raised by the local priest and grew up pretty normally. We saw how he met Trish’s mother and his life turning around. The priest wanting to make a garage starting picking with an ax in a room, only to find the body of Doppio’s mother under the floor. She was alive somehow with her mouth sewed up. How and why was she there? No one knows, and because of this discovery, Doppio set fire in the church which ended up burning houses around it. The priest and Doppio were pronounced dead, but of course Doppio being dead isn’t true.

It turns out that the Boss and Doppio are the same person. They pretty much suffer from multiple personality disorder as they’re two personalities, though because this is Jojo, it’s more like they’re two people. As a fortune teller is being forceful with Doppio and guessing everything about him correctly, Doppio turns from a soft-spoken and friendly guy to the ferocious and violent Boss we know, we see his body transform to be taller and bulkier. They still shadowed his face so his face transformed as well, but we still can’t sneak a peek yet. It seemed like these two were born at the same time, which was hinted at when Doppio’s baby eyes switched as a newborn.

The way David Pro handled Doppio/the Boss was so clever. The switching of the eyes was one way of showing which personality came out, but the scene with the Boss coming out to attack the fortune teller had to be my favorite part with Doppio’s voice slowly morphing into Boss’ voice with a bit of a distorted effect. The facial expressions did a great deal too, and of course the voice acting was top notch. It was all-around perfect pretty much. Also, the pink/purple design? I like it. 😉

Doppio’s job is to make it to Costa Smeralda before Trish and the others of course so he has to keep an eye out. Doppio makes himself to be even stranger as his way of communicating with the Boss is through a phone, which could literally be anything. A weird car decoration, or a literal frog, and Doppio makes the “Ring ring! Click!” sounds and talks to the Boss like nothing.

Just like the fortune teller said, they came across Risotto. Risotto approaches him and finds him strange, and he can see that he’s putting up an act but at the same time he’s not? He’s like a walking contradiction and that’s probably because of the two personalities. Doppio charges to attack Risotto but all of a sudden he vomits a pool of blood along with a bunch of razors. Then from his cheek appears a bunch of nails stabbing him. It’s extremely brutal and disgusting, but I do have to find it funny that even though Doppio’s throat and mouth has been sliced and pierced, he’s still kind of okay. Normally this would kill anyone but a Jojo staple is a character getting bones broken, bleeding profusely, but still being okay enough to stand and think “Damn, he got away?!” Ah, oh well.

One of my favorites battles and stands are going to be next week, and seeing how David Pro did so well with this episode, I can’t imagine how hype next week will be. Risotto is also very hot and I love his eyes. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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