Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure- Golden Wind: Episode 28 [Beneath a Sky on the Verge of Falling]

The second half of this episode were a strange experience for me.

After the fight against Metallica, the boss is left rather messed up. So he has to escape from Bruno and Narancia somehow, he slowly crawls away from them and eventually takes the place and blood from one of the tourist kids.  He blends in with a group of boys playing soccer and gets close to where Abbacchio is waiting with Moody Blues.
The boys ball gets stuck up on a tall branch and to get the boys to be quiet and move somewhere else, Abbacchio walks over to knock the ball down for them and as the boys turn to leave and he goes to return to where he was standing. King Crimson’s fist moves right through his chest.
It didn’t end his life instantly, but it wasn’t long before Abbacchio died and Moody Blues faded to dust.

It’s at this point in the episode where I become confused about how to feel.
I think it’s been pretty obvious in my previous reviews that I am not fond of Abbacchio. I don’t like him and he is my least favorite character in part 5 by a landslide. So i’m not entirely sad that he’s dead, but regardless I started crying not for his death but instead the reactions that everyone had to his death.
Bruno biting his lip hard enough that it bled [which is something I will sit and question later.], Narancia sobbing and screaming, the obvious guilt painted all over Giorno’s face and the dead expression on Mista’s. It hurt me to see them like that, so while I couldn’t summon much energy to care about the loss of him as a character.
I could summon up the energy to care about the loss to the team and what it meant to all of them.

Though I have to admit, the way his death was depicted by meeting up with the officer that died because of the bribe he took was actually rather sweet.
As he was dying, Abbacchio heard words that he always wanted to hear in knowing that he’d worked hard and done a good job.

He did, even in his dying moments, he was thinking of best how to benefit his team. As he was lying there, Moody Blues managed to track the time in the photo and wear the bosses face just long enough to make an imprint in the rock. Abbacchio holds onto a shard of the rock and Narancia notices it, they use Golden Winds ability to return the rock shard to where it belongs and the group manages to see the imprint of the bosses face.
It’s a bitter sweet victory for the group.
On the one hand, they discovered exactly what it was that they came there to discover and on the other hand. They lost an important member of their team.

I’m curious as to where things will go from here. Though they have the imprint of the face, they have nothing else to go by like colors or details and they most certainly don’t have a name to put to the face. Also, now that they are down a member how will things pan from here?
Will we be regaining Fugo to the party to fill the spot that Abbacchio left behind? Who knows, well the manga readers, they know but I don’t and i’m not going to get to find out for at least another two weeks because we’re taking another small break.

Another special episode airs next week. This is like, what? The third one? It’s a little annoying but I suppose if it’s saving the animation budget so we can get part 5 in consistent quality. I’m alright with that.

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  1. Just because the next episode won’t be for awhile, I just want to get my quick thoughts on this episode here since it’ll be a little irrelevant if I include it in my next post. I basically agree with Midnight. I never liked Abbacchio, and I didn’t feel much for the death in the manga. But the anime did an amazing job handling it with the stellar animation, the OST, and voice acting (Narancia mainly). They made the scene even more powerful so it still left me a bit sad.

    I just was and am still not a fan of Abbacchio. Ever since the Man in the Mirror episode, Abbacchio has barely had any screentime or development and he had the same attitude until the end, so there wasn’t any moment for me to like him. There wasn’t really any growth for him. I wish Araki had done more with him, but the afterlife scene with the cop was beautiful at least. Abbacchio isn’t the only character I have a problem from this part, but I’ll save all that for when it’s appropriate.

    A little fun fact. There were dandelions where Abba’s body was. Dandelion in Italian is dente de leone, which translates to lion’s tooth. Abba’s first name, Leone, is lion. Just a nice touch.

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