Kekekekekeke! After the craziness they went through last week with Kohaku’s stunt, this week was a lot more light-hearted! We got to see the team do the more trivial work that can still wound them with a nasty headache, or in this case, a hangover by the end of the day. Poor dudes, they saw a fellow officer Haguro who works at the Police get dragged off by an old Another Kio Gongen, a God of a Shrine who dates back to World War II. He had recently woken up, Haguro being able to see Anothers, unfortunately met eyes with the one he should’ve ignored altogether. Gengo wasn’t going to eat him, but he was going to make him his drinking companion for a hundred years. Since that would make him dead to his family, Miyako, Sakaki and Seo had to figure out a way to get him out of there. Originally, the idea was to try and just grab him and run, but they were ratted out by a pair of mischievous pixies for Miyako being “Seimei”, who Gengo also has a history with. However Miyako is still incredibly naive when it comes to negotiating with Anothers (in fact, it’s something he really needs to work on) and had it not been for Kohaku to bail him out with suggesting a drinking challenge, well Gengo might have ended up killing him, WHELP! Luckily Gengo was confident he would win against them, even when he ‘generously’ permitted them finding others to assist them with the challenge. However he immediately regretted that when Miyako ended up finding exactly who they needed to win: The Shojos!

Well, it’s hard to say whether or not they truly won, since it was more of using them as a decoy while they grabbed Haguro and bolting out of there. Regardless, it was quite hilarious how Miyako was so drunk, he couldn’t remember how to leave the space (which required precise steps to leave and enter, that’s why they couldn’t simply make a call for reinforcements). But then the Shojo showed up, and Gengo was like, “HELL NO! NOT YOU FOOLS!”  but ended up going along with the flow because the Shojo made themselves fun drinking partners after-all.

But what was also funny was the hyena (Bultungin) nonchalantly drops the ominous warning of: trouble is coming. Frankly, when he first said it, it had me worried because I was afraid that Gengo was planning to eat Haguro! All I could think of when Gengo grabbed him was: NO! NOT HAGURO! HE HAS FAMILY!

Amidst the hilarity of the night, we did get a bit of follow up with Sakaki’s conflict and story about his missing sister. We saw him looking at the missing women of Tokyo’s files earlier in the episode, and had a mysterious flashback while he was venting while drunk. It adds to the mystery of the circumstances of when Sakaki’s sister went missing, or perhaps whether or not he has potentially encountered the Another before, but perhaps lacks the memories of it or something. Who knows, I’m just taking a shot in the dark.

Finally, although Kohaku has been staying out of trouble for the time being, he isn’t going to be particular helpful. Sure he can help Miyako get out of bad situations, but at the same time, he himself isn’t inclined to help out— as you would probably expect out of a mischievous guy who likes to descend the world in chaos for the shit and giggles!


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