Midara na Ao chan wa Benkyou ga Dekinai Episodes 2 and 3 – Sex in the Air

This show. I laugh every TIME.

The thing that got me in this episode was how she asked her dad for advice and uses some pieces of the advice. And she was reading her dad’s books for advice, ahhh man. I mean she is totally interested in Kijma and potentially having sex with him, but she so trying to deny it. And Kijima is super pushy luckily and she really likes her. Thank the lord.

My favorite part in the episode is where Kijima finds her that closet during the school trip and everyone find them on top of each other. He like grabbed her thigh because he didn’t what was in the closet because it wouldn’t close(she was holding the door, so it wouldn’t shut, stopping another anime trope of being locked in the closet) And this bitch was like wonder if it’s a cat, because of course a cat has no fur and is smooth. Maybe if she didn’t shave her legs for 10 months, maybe they would get furry like a cat, but she probably an average high school girl, who probably wants to be extra shaved for Kijima.

As a public service announcement, everyone should shave the part of their body that get the most sweaty. Everyone(I mean everyone). Hair just holds sweat and it’s really disgusting. So everyone should shave especially their armpits and upper thigh regions. Just as a summer announcement.

I love Kijima’s friend too. He is so unhelpful, but helpful at the same time. He is kind of like me, dropping unhelpful hints and taking things way too far. He knows Kijima likes her and he always says weird stuff:

“I wonder what size Kijima’s dick is?”

“Hey, doesn’t Horie look hot today?”

He is hinting mad hard. Like every time I think someone like another person, I’m usually wrong. So wrong, then I’m too focused on others love stories, that I forget about mine. But Kijima’s friend actually knows what’s up. So does their group of friends who wants to be Horie’s friends also. During that school field trip, they set them up, they know what’s good.

Then all the conversations that Horie thinks are sexual are really normal conversations, but she is making everything sexual. The conversation after she tries to unzip his dick to see if it is big( HAHAHAHAHAHA)

I can’t. I was laughing. I wish I had the guts to do that while a guy was sleeping. Well actually you can’t really tell a guy’s dick size by unzipping their pants. You can kind of tell, but not fully. You need to see their dick erect in order to tell(click, click). Well technically. Well at least you can tell if they have a micropenis or not.

Then if we didn’t cover the part where she has her shirt tucked in her panties…..I don’t know, that would be a mistake. So during the school field trip, they go in pairs to the shrine at the top of the hill in the woods. Kijima goes with Horie and at the the shrine, she uses their bathroom and that’s when her skirt gets tucked up in her skirt. Kijima seeing this, doesn’t know how to tell without offending her.

I would have to offend because having your skirt tucked up in your underwear or shorts is embarrassing.

So he tries to find different ways to tell her but it’s not working. And then finally at the end, she falls and she thinks Kijima wants to have sex with her, but in reality, he just wants her to take her skirt out her panties. When she gets up from falling, Kijima slips her jacket around her and tells her he could see her panties the entire time and she faints XD

I would faint too, that sounds so embarrassing. And also Kijima saw something sexual about her.


I think the most embarrassing thing done is walk across campus in really short shorts and a zipped up jacket XD My friend had my dress for the school gala in the other dorm across campus, so instead of wearing another change of clothes, I just wore what I would wear under the dress and I was just gonna slip on the dress when I got there. Then there is were a bunch of people outside and then when I got to my friend’s dorm, a bunch of people from my major were talking to my friend who had the dress in the stairwell. So embarrassing. And my crush was there, eeek.

Also the last question of the show: what happened to her mom tho? I assume she is dead due to anime creators/manga creators/novelists killing off character’s parents like no one’s business. But I see the trend coming up where the parents are divorced rather than dead which reflects real life more. No ones parents are actually dead often, they are usually divorced or separated.

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