Man I wasn’t sure how things were going to turn out, but man I didn’t expect some things to go down the way they did. It was definitely chilling to see the way the woman reacted upon her “revival”, and startling how easily Azazel made the decision to destroy her when he thought she was someone else.

The culprit behind the kidnapping is none other than Azazel, a former angel who fell in love with a human and turned into a devil. Ever since his lover had died, he had been to bring her back but with no avail. And this time, the results were no different. After all that work and all the victims that were kidnapped and used in attempt to bring his lover back to life. The twisted part about this (if I understood this correctly), he has been keeping his lover’s soul caged until he finds a suitable vessel for her. However by doing so, he has driven her into insanity and she is no longer the woman who loved him. Instead we saw the woman go into a frenzy, begging to be released from this cycle that disgusts her. But his selfishness and obsession to bring her back won’t grant her that peace she so desperately wants and needs. The saddest part about this, he probably would have better luck reuniting with her through a reincarnation if he actually let her go. I suppose that’s the irony in all of this. And yet, the vicious cycle is yet to start again now that he found a new target.

Kohaku showed us more of his nasty mischievous side today, as showing us how powerful and influential he can be. While he helped them out get into Hell, he was entertained by observing how they were going to get in and out of there. He also reaffirmed how even if it’s Arata’s friends, he couldn’t care less what becomes of them. But if Arata were to put himself on the line as he did today, only then Kohaku would be inclined to intervene since Arata was at risk. And frankly, had Arata not put himself in between Cerebus and Seo, the guy probably would’ve been ripped apart on the spot.

With Izumi and Shiori saved, Kyouichi’s objective of finding his sister is now complete. Izumi is still the same as she was the day she was taken away from him, now making him the older one, while she is still a student. It was a heartfelt moment when Shiori recognized him without her sight, comparing his voice to their dad’s, and was even better when she was able to see him again. I am happy that this case didn’t end tragically for the victims involved, especially since everyone who had been dragged into this mess were able to get their piece of themselves that were taken away from them. However I found it to be a bit unclear who was the one who released them all. Either it was Azazel or his buddy who was lenient enough to not kill them and help them back to their world.

Although things ended well, Seo was furious with the way Kyouichi went about the case. He was ticked off with how he kept it from him, and manipulated Arata in attempt to get leads to his sister. Arata too is upset about it, but he knew that it wasn’t the time to argue and said he’d forgive him in exchange for Kyouichi owing him one. It will be interesting to see how that plays out, should we see something come up when Arata needs Kyouichi’s assistance.


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