RobiHachi Episode 7

The planet of the week this time is Akka Sakka, the love theme park planet beloved by all, yaaay.

That’s it. That’s the review.

Really though, I understand the idea behind this episode and I don’t hate it (the whole “happy theme park with heavy fascist overtones” bit is a little overdone but I can roll with it), but the execution… confused me, to say the least. The whole thing was so weird and repetitive that it felt a little disconcerting to watch. It was pretty much 15 solid minutes of Robby and Bunny Robot (whose name is JPS-19, I have literally only just now learned) being cynical followed by the flower ladies threatening them, with everyone saying the word “lovely” twice a sentence all the while. I’m not sure who this was for.

For an episode revolving around love (ostensibly), I thought Yang and the gang would feature a lot more. But really, I hardly even noticed they were there for the most part. Which is probably a good thing, because this Yang-Robby plot has veered heavily into Cringe Territory.

I did have a relatively good time with Hatchi, though, which is nice since he hasn’t had much of a chance to shine so far. His character is starting to make less and less sense with each passing episode, but I can’t say I’m not curious about what the fuck his deal is. Who IS he? He’s secretly e-famous now? How is that even possible when it seems like he’s hardly been outside his whole life? Was he raised in some sort of lab solely to gain millions of followers on social media? Is that where we’re going with this? Honestly, this is one of the only things keeping me going with this show. I need to know.

It looks like next episode there’ll be more mecha shenanigans, which I’m actually sort of looking forward to. Hizakuriger has been woefully underutilised so far, and I’d like to learn more about it so I hope they go into his lore a little bit. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t touch his backstory for the rest of the series, to be honest.

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