Bungou Stray Dogs S3 – ep 9

You know what’s unfortunate? When you’re an international viewer and an episode relies on the idea that you have knowledge of an OVA that isn’t legally released in your country.
There was an entire section about a previous incident with Kunikida having to save a child from bombing themselves from an OVA that has no official translation in the US. The most it does is slightly distract away from the present scene of him faced against a similar situation. It’s clear that Fyodor did his research on Kunikida and probably on the rest of the Armed Detective Agency. He’s also good at laying a false trail, he’s going out of his way to even deceive Ranpo by messing with his detective capabilities.

I got a little ahead of myself though. The previous episode ended with a showdown between the Port Mafia and the Armed Detective Agency, or so it seemed, when really the only person left behind from the Agency is Tanizaki. Who used his illusion power to make it appear as if all of them were there, when in reality, the ADA had taken Fukuzawa away from the hospital by having Kenji smash through the wall and carry him out. He’s now in the care of Lucy and her ability, keeping him shut off from the world.
Tanizaki stays to try to cut a deal to give the ADA time to find the guy who is controlling the virus. However, they were played by Fyodor from the very start. Leaving the Agency with one simple message to be delivered by his red herring “There is no changing the rules.”

Perhaps even more chilling then that, is Ranpo’s observation that facing off against Fyodor is like facing off against Dazai. It’s one thing to see the horrible parts of yourself in one another, but it’s something entirely to have others see those things as well.

Meanwhile, Tanizaki becomes a captive to the Port Mafia. It looks rather grim for him honestly, but the Agency and it’s members should not be underestimated. Kunikida activates Doppo Poet at a distance I wasn’t even aware was possible, and shows the fact that he can feel when his notebook is being used. He creates a knife that frees Tanizaki from his binds and then Tanizaki and Light snow show off how deadly of a combo they can be. Hirotsu observes that Tanizaki is far more threatening then he would of taken an illusion using ability user to be, and that Tanizaki has the makings of a fine assassin.

In which, he almost does. He goes for the kill on Mori, only to be intercepted by Ozaki. Then to be saved by Kyouka. Kyouka escapes the building with Tanizaki and as the random members shoot at them, Ozaki tells them to stop. In fear they might hit Kyouka.
Oh my god, i’m sorry. She’s just such a good older sister figure! Helping Kyouka find out the truth behind her parents earlier in the season, keeping her from getting shot now. I love her so much.

With all of that said and done though, the Agency meet up in their truck which is acting as a mobile base and try to discuss what to do next. It seems the only option is to fight, but Atsushi heard from Lucy and we the audience saw, Fukuzawa waking up for a moment and saying that the Agency must not fight with the Port Mafia. For the safety of Yokohama and it’s people, a war must not happen. So where do we go from here? Who knows.

I adored this episode, it really showed Tanizaki as an absolute badass. Ranpo moving around and issuing orders was also a joy to watch. I really felt for Kunikida, the emotional weight was diminished a bit by the fact that the OVA is not available in this country, so I haven’t seen it but it’s still horrible for him to have to watch a child die.
Fyodors scenes also had less impact because of the lack of connection to the OVA. Since his captive was a character from that, so I couldn’t properly feel a sense of dread for a character I didn’t even know. This mystery character does ask the most important question of all just before the credits roll.

What is Fyodor after?

2 thoughts on “Bungou Stray Dogs S3 – ep 9

  1. Just a conjecture,


    Spoiler context goes here! but it looks like to be that Fyodor is after power- to have a king-like authority over all ability users. That calls for dismantling and reducing the powers of parties already holding a degree of respect and authority. The Guild needs to start from zero but have to simultaneously deal with internal wars, so that leaves the agency and the mafia, along with the European group led by Agatha Christie.

    Simply put, with Atsushi holding an important key to the book, he’s decided to strike Japan first.

    1. I agree with some of the conjuncture. However, there was some spoilers here. We’ve marked the comment for spoilers, but from now on, please tag any spoilers. Even if it’s a guess that involves content that isn’t in the anime yet. Any future spoiler comments will be deleted, for information on tagging and spoilers. Please read the comment section policy, thank you.

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