Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure – Golden Wind: Episode 32 [Green Day and Oasis, part 3]

With Cioccolata out of the picture, Rome starts to return to normal. People can move around and there is activity flourishing again. Which leads Secco to realize what has become of Cioccolata and a complete heel turn in character. The hyper, obedient almost dog like nature melts away. Revealing someone filled with hate for the person who treated him like this, that he only followed Cioccolata because he thought he was strong. He sets his goal to defeating Bruno and reading the colosseum so he can find the person with the secret to beating the boss.
This of course, cannot be allowed. So it becomes a race to the colosseum in the underground. Sticky Fingers vs Oasis, in a battle of movement. Of course, Bruno is playing at a disadvantage.

Secco is absolutely disgusting and I am not sad in the slightest to see him go in the end of this episode.
At one point in the episode, he sits and slurps up the mud created by his stand so he can spit it into the air and use them as projectile missile weapons to rain down into the mud like ground. It looked every bit as disgusting as it sounds. Of course, Bruno is too sharp for someone as mentally unstable as Secco. Besides, being basically a zombie means that he doesn’t bleed much and his body doesn’t take as much damage as it should. So he’s able to wait until Secco grows desperate and draws many things from the street under the ground.
Including a parked car, to which he has Sticky Fingers explode the tire and blow out Secco’s ear drums. Which basically act as the guidance system for Oasis. So naturally, Secco begins panicking.

In a last ditch desperate attempt to get away with his life, he takes a hostage. Trying to get them to flag down a taxi so he can escape and regroup, joining the boss and not fighting against him. Unfortunately for him, his hostage is Doppio. Unfortunately for him, even if Bruno hadn’t opened a zipper in Doppio to make a direct attack on Secco without harming the ‘hostage’, he was kind of screwed either way. As Sticky Fingers does make the attack through Doppio though, Secco is defeated and stumbles into the road and right into the same garbage truck that Cioccolata had stumbled into.
Hearing him cry out his previous partners name was kind of humorous in a strange way.

Polnareff didn’t speak to anyone in the group or really do anything this episode except observe the fight between Bruno and Secco. Knowing he would have to destroy the arrow and keep the secret safe if Bruno lost the fight, the outcome was very important to him. We do get a proper introduction and a full look at his body. All I can sit and ask myself is “What happened?” since the last time we saw him at the end of Stardust Crusaders? Well, maybe we’ll find out next episode as Bruno and his crew go to meet with him to learn the secret behind the arrow.

In the way of Stand Fights. The Oasis fight was sort of “meh” but there were a few moments that were genuinely tense and the use of a car tire to defeat him was pretty clever. It really did come down to a fight of brains over brawn. In sheer power, Oasis would of won. However, Bruno was far too smart for the mentally unhinged Secco.

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